LeBron is right, ‘I could have done it a different way’ – Magic on suddenly resigning | First Take

LeBron is right, ‘I could have done it a different way’ – Magic on suddenly resigning | First Take

Magic Johnson joins First Take and answers for not informing LeBron James about his decision to resign as the president of basketball operations for the Los Angeles Lakers before announcing it to the media.
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75 Responses

  1. HiKevin says:

    Luke was definitely smashing Jeanie

  2. YHG says:

    Max went at him in the beginning wow

  3. The Grind TV says:

    “As a man you have to make decisions based on your own well being” it’s that simple

  4. RobTheGreat '97 says:

    If im the lakers, rob pelinka has to go

    • TheRealBandito says:

      everybody in the Lakers organization. The only people that matter

    • Anthony McFadden says:

      +TheRealBandito does the fans support him and does help with the team to bring in talent and elevate this team to get to the playoffs and win rings
      ummm no

    • Anthony McFadden says:

      He gotta go

    • Controversial Radio says:

      +TheRealBandito Watches video on why Rob Pelinka is trash….

      …Somehow believes everybody likes Rob Pelinka…

    • RobTheGreat '97 says:

      +TheRealBandito oh course mf. But if im trying to get a star player and if they agent got problems with him then it’s a problem

  5. TeeZeeEdits says:

    Max was born to be an interrogator.

  6. jol dut says:

    No one:
    Stephen A: Rob Pelinker

  7. G.A.M.A says:

    Such a positive person. Teaching them all a lesson despite trying to push him off board. Take care of yourself first.
    I would’ve done the same.
    Magic was a rich millionaire before Lakers who simply enjoyed life.
    There was too many restrictions with his title at the organization.
    Your peace of mind is worth everything.

    • Schuyler Savage says:

      Also, just because you are a laker fan who loved magic growing up or becuse he is your favorite player that doesn’t mean you HAvE to defend his poor decisions and actions. That is the worst and clearest kind of bias and it sickens me in sports. There is a difference between your favorite and the correct answer

    • Jordan Willett says:

      No magic wasn’t a millionaire or successful b4 the Lakers the Lakers made magic

    • Darren Gordon-Hill says:

      +Jordan Willett THANK YOU!!!!

      Without basketball would we even know him??

      Would he be “Magic”?????????????????

    • Jordan Willett says:

      +Darren Gordon-Hill
      Nope no-one would know who he was he stabbed his hometown and his fans in the back it’s almost as bad as what KD did to OKC

    • Spider Sense says:

      Exactly, these haters and idiots want to make magic out to be the villian because they live in a world where they have to accept or stay a job that they don’t like, life is too short to be doing somethin you’re not happy doing, ESPECIALLY if you have to because you’re already a millionaire with other businesses, people are mad because magic is one of the few people who can step down from an executive position and be even happier

  8. Shannon Sharpe says:

    -Magic Johnson

    • Scott Davidson says:

      +vogeto bolton naw, not even that. He has handled that. And it really is none of our business. Thanks for pointing U OUT.

    • Millz ODay says:

      +Scott Davidson facts bro. Nobody thinking about that man’s personal business. these net clowns are sick

    • RasenRendan says:

      +vogeto bolton that’s low fam.

    • Kenshin Himura says:


    • trinigrl09 says:

      I wonder if he regrets exposing his wife to HIV all those years ago? what would that say about his character I he said no? What kind of person doesn’t regret hurting people? I appreciate Magic coming on the show to address this but that statement was disappointing.

  9. 1026 says:


    Max KellerMan: You saw it on the show yesterday, Kobe “Bean” Bryant is the power behind Rob Pelinka. Magic Johnson told us already!”

  10. pogingpogi214 says:

    Max: where does Rob’s power comes from?
    Magic: I don’t know man, one of the infinity stones I guess…

  11. lynsie.bear says:

    WOW. The tea ?
    Mr. Johnson ain’t scared of ANYONE!
    ? ? ?

  12. LA Clippers says:

    2019 Lakers > Game of Thrones

  13. Max Kellerman says:

    Rob Pelinkuur is a super villain

  14. Sadiki Stephenson says:

    Rob is clapping jeanies cheeks it’s that simple ??‍♂️

  15. dr theos says:

    “She lauuuuv Luke as a man”…….

    there goes our answer to the million dollar question

  16. Edwin Castelan says:

    Next Episode:Anthony Davis Spilling the Beans on the New Orleans Organization.??

  17. Enrique Latimer says:

    Max is trying to start something between MAGIC & KOBE!! Stop it max!

  18. Anthony Armstrong says:

    Respect to Magic for not backtracking on how he felt,as a man you do have to make moves that are best for you #thatslife

    • Schuyler Savage says:

      Y’all pathetic. You don’t make decisions that hurt others intentionally. If the others are just in their feelings then screw them, but if you take a responsibility and then betray trust, that ain’t manly, that’s cowardly. But then again the modern man today is mostly a confused coward anyways

    • Schuyler Savage says:

      This sounds similar to “well I got married cuz she was really hot but then I decided I WANTED to fuck some hoes so I peaced out. HEH HEH HEH. I’m so manly that I don’t understand the term or meaning of responsibility”. Fucking pathetic. It is seriously insane how far off we have gotten as a culture when it comes to what real masculinity and femininity is and how it looks when embodied

    • Elijah Martin says:

      nah. you dont make decisions that fuck over those who didnt wrong you.

      magic is weak for what he did and has lost the respect of many. things got too tough for him so he bailed.

    • spittfyre365 says:

      +Schuyler Savage what the hell are you rambling about. Who are you to question a proven leader, winner, and saavy proven business man. You keyboard bastards cant define shit. Tell you what hotshot.. give me your real name to Google. Lets see how successful you are as a leader of men. He was tired of his power being overridden by less experienced people dummy. Its not that hard to comprehend.

    • Controversial Radio says:

      +Elijah Martin The way he did it was wrong, but the decision in itself is soley on Magic and nobody else, if you start a job and feel it’s not the right fit, it’s your decision to step away, everybody else will live, you’re not obligated to do anything for anybody

  19. Gutts says:

    Wtf is Rob Palinkuur, though???‍♂️?

  20. k temperance says:

    First time i seen stephen A. Just Sit back & listen. Max lows got all the right Questions W / great energy ??? Respect.! For magics honesty too

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