Lee Corso firing off guns. Again.

Lee Corso firing off guns. Again.

On College GameDay in Stillwater, OK on November 28, 2015, Lee Corso put on the Pistol Pete headgear and fired off guns and a rifle to signify his pick of Oklahoma Stare for the annual Bedlam game against Oklahoma. Note David Pollack ducking on the left.

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20 Responses

  1. pepsiandsnapple says:

    Lmao that dude almost fell

  2. Lance B says:

    boomer sooner

  3. Lance B says:

    Corso’s kiss of death

  4. OptimistHunter Reel says:

    This is why Americans are seen as idiots.

  5. Wowthatsfail says:


  6. MrFullkick says:


  7. bill mullarky says:

    Corso’s still alive?

  8. taxidrivernwo says:

    They aren’t real you idiots.

  9. SirEdmundDuke says:

    Blanks can kill people if the barrel has an obstruction in it… If he
    aimed a bit lower he could have seriously injured/burned his co-hosts even
    if there wasn’t. The gun safety nut in me is cringing so hard…. Please
    Corso. Stahp.

  10. sexyloser says:

    Guy on the left almost had his head blown off.

  11. Terence McClain says:

    lmfao then they get Blown out

  12. korencek says:

    what this bunch of people with iq 80 or less?

  13. agnadeen says:


  14. th3spy says:

    What a bunch of senseelse idiots.

  15. Bananas says:

    Was this on a college campus? Colleges are usually progressive and liberal
    places, but NOT this college apparently.

  16. Daniel “Elijah” Maximoff says:

    Okay? so what makes this video popular?

  17. Franz Ferdinand says:

    You have to love Cowboys

  18. Hydraulix says:

    Too bad his selection was a little off…

  19. Russiasvechenaya says:


  20. incrediblejonas says:

    Do people actually think those are real guns?