LEGO Dimensions: E3 Trailer – New Adventures Await!

LEGO Dimensions: E3 Trailer – New Adventures Await!

The wait’s almost over! Check out the awesome new characters headed to LEGO Dimensions, and get pumped for even more excitement at E3, June 14–16!

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20 Responses

  1. Elizabeth Morales says:

    What is everyone doing at 1:08-1:11? Group hug or fighting?

  2. MrHutchFilms says:

    F A S T

  3. Francesca Cicolari says:

    Yeeees!!!! Sonic!

  4. Orange McJuice says:


  5. SONIC X says:


  6. Dakota the Electric fox says:

    Is anyone questioning why was sonic underground? I mean sure he had that tv
    series called underground and hedgehogs go underground but sonic is a city
    & forest hedgehog not a ground hedgehog….so was sonic messing with
    gallium? Or did sonic’s dimension portal released sonic into gallium’s cave
    and sonic decided to take the ring? Or did he get set there for story
    reasons??? Someone answer my questions

  7. sgt stickey says:

    Lego Mission Impossible???

  8. Rush Sonic says:


  9. YB90Gaming says:

    What a way to end that trailer

  10. Drake Fontenot says:

    This looks awsome

  11. sparky10142 says:

    Maybe we will get a proper sonic game 

  12. Marvel/Nintendokid123 says:

    SANIC! : D

  13. Lotaz Movies says:

    Next they need to put in uncharted

  14. EzeO_o says:

    Si esta Adventure Time, espero a Steven Universe!!!

  15. Bionicleman 64 says:

    I wanted Zootopia

  16. CT-7593 says:

    YYEEEESSSSS SONIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Blake Kirkman says:

    I didn’t expect to see Sonic and The Flash in the same game.

  18. Vahe Khachatryan says:

    The minecraft not will be in lego dimensions.:( :(

  19. C Films Studios Caleb O'Sullivan says:

    1:28 Yep that’s Sonic that’s Sonic, it’s Sonic SONIC!

  20. GAME WIZARDZ The 1985 says:

    Hey also add megaman and link