Leonard Nimoy: A Dedication from the Cast & Crew of Star Trek Beyond

Leonard Nimoy: A Dedication from the Cast & Crew of Star Trek Beyond

Zachary Quinto, the cast and crew of Star Trek Beyond honor the legacy of the late great Leonard Nimoy by spotlighting a charity near and dear to the actor’s heart. Donate here: http://bit.ly/TO-BOLDLY-GO

In addition to the grand prize of a walk-on role in Star Trek Beyond, each week we’re randomly selecting an additional winner to join the To Boldly Go Crew. The members of this honorary crew will visit the set, hang with the cast, and watch as they film scenes from the new film.

Every $10 entry supports nine global organizations each nominated by members of the cast. Check out other once-in-a-lifetime experiences at omaze.com.

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20 Responses

  1. AJ Venn says:

    #LiveLongAndProsper :D

  2. SONIC WHALE (SonicWhale13) says:

    i am crying

  3. userunknown203 says:

    :,) SO touching. Live Long and Prosper!

  4. Arch Stanton says:

    Awesome, the next Star Trek and the same bridge design but now a black guy
    is on board.
    Yea, another Star Trek that will be boring after the first viewing.

  5. David Byrne says:

    Leonard has boldly gone where so many have gone before. What a great man.

  6. Awesomo says:

    Live long and prosper indeed.

  7. pemerson71 says:

    I guess I wasn’t quite free of this great man’s passing.

  8. Jamie Williamson says:

    Arch Stanton, you’re completely missing the point of this touching tribute
    to a great man. Please take your cynicism elsewhere.

    By the way, I love your choice of name. Great movie reference. RIP Mr

  9. RocDisjoint says:

    Beautiful Guys! 3.5 million likes on the Star Trek Movie page, we love you!

  10. ogreboo says:

    Big like from me, RIP Leonard Nimoy <3 :(

  11. spewaysealat says:

    If only I was rich…

  12. Erik Staehle (Kir the Sojourner) says:

    still miss him.. RIP Mr. Nimoy…ah someone is really cutting the onions

  13. Rebecca K. says:

    I’m not crying… YOU’RE CRYING.

  14. Cindy Terrell says:

    He will be so missed! He was a wonderful man.

  15. David Marsden says:


  16. ATOMIZER says:

    Leonard truly lived long and prospered

  17. Temporal Stef says:

    Such a nice tribute RIP Leonard Nimoy , live long and prosper ?

  18. dcoopet says:

    Who’s watching this and is not doing the Vulcan Salute Live long and

  19. fresh3456 says:

    Im almost done reading Leonard Nimoys second autobiography “I Am Spock”.
    The word “Legend” gets thrown around a lot, but Nimioy deserves it

  20. rubbernozed says:

    it’s difficult to watch that and not sense the manipulation