Leroy Version 2.5 is INSANELY FAST! Can The New Bald Eagles Run a SEVEN Second Pass?

Leroy Version 2.5 is INSANELY FAST! Can The New Bald Eagles Run a SEVEN Second Pass?

We got ourselves a straight RIPPER!
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74 Responses

  1. 0rang3z says:

    Dry sump Leroy incoming

  2. David Wright says:

    Real people make mistakes and you have the honesty to show your mistakes. That’s why we watch you.

    • Erick Muñoz says:


    • ForAl lMankind says:

      pretty much all why i watch this channel ! waiting for ruby back to business too !

    • Andy Koenigsdorf says:

      So true. He’s truthful and real, that are only some jigsaw pieces of his so likeable character. Hell yeah, brother! ?

    • Maybe Betty says:

      Yeah, like Cleetus has said in previous videos racing isn’t all highs and showing mistakes like this adds to the authenticity, and makes the high points so much better imo. The guys on youtube who do everything perfect first try every time are leaving the 5 other “first passes” on the cutting room floor.

    • Ozzy Sanchez says:

      David Wright Fax

  3. BANtheMAN says:

    The amount of high 5’s y’all do in each video is crazy lol I’m going to make a montage one day?

  4. Cassidy Martin says:

    **TSP watching the video**

    **Cleetus MONEY SHIFTS Leroy**

    TSP:…..we prepared for this, the engine is fine

  5. Brett Brawner says:

    Cleetus runs 7s with a stock pan, meanwhile taylor ray can’t keep a 400hp stock engine running with a dry sump

  6. ShadowOfDeath24 says:

    You need bigger tires and a well prepped track, easy 7.40s lol

  7. Owen MacLeod says:

    leroy is steering left? gawdang he must have a little nascar in’em

  8. Joshua Gooden says:

    Hell yeah brother I want to see that thing hit the low 7s maybe a 6

  9. James Mcclaren says:

    Maximum respect for showing us the good the bad and the ugly brother ?

  10. cody bettin says:

    I know it would be hard to let someone else drive The one and only Leroy the Savage but who else thinks JAMES should let her rip tater chip??

  11. Almost Legit Garage says:

    Koenigsegg has the one:1, Cletus has the 1,2,1.

  12. R - says:

    Will we ever see him do a 200mph pass do you think?

  13. Colton Hrynyk says:

    Someone needs to send him a bald eagle parachute!

  14. Fiver Flave says:

    I want to hear James explain things more. He does it so well.

  15. racerxvids says:

    Go dry sump and get it over with! DRY SUMP, DRY SUMP, DRY SUMP. Then street race it in mexico.

  16. Rookie Sim Racer says:

    I think it’s time for bigger tires lol

  17. Dakota sullivan says:

    Cleetus can drive a stick car like a damn boss!!!

  18. Kalob Fansler says:

    That helmet POV is actually pretty frightening. Good driving.

  19. Alray Baca says:

    I think you should let James Take Leeroy down the track for all the work you put into it he deserves to rip it one time

  20. Kingsize24 says:

    Three words… Dailey’s Dry Sump!

    Do it for Dale!!!! ?

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