Let President Trump Do His Job

Let President Trump Do His Job


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20 Responses

  1. Prince Cheeks says:

    like him or hate him hes gonna get the job done so stop bitching people

  2. Chris Rob says:

    Shut the fuck up!

  3. Flipper Flapper says:

    I’d still take him over Clinton or Sanders.

  4. thelastadvance says:

    But seriously guys… let him do his job. Sure, if you’re right, and he is a “bad president,” then you can whine about everything he did wrong. But he IS doing good things for this country whether you like it or not. Good job Mr. President 🙂 ❤️

  5. HighFlyer says:

    Tell me why Trump has so much hate and not the retard known as Obama who gave hundreds of millions to the enemy and did nothing but ruin the US meanwhile Trump is trying to fix it but all of the snow flakes are complaining about him doing

  6. Tayten Shartel says:

    Every non trump supporter is a bigot. Thy don’t look up the facts and all they want to do is hate and not work. Maybe if they worked they could get a good job instead of wanting the government to give them everything

  7. Mackleb says:

    Every achievement named in this video is the result of the Obama administration. Trump has done nothing but ignite a possible war with North Korea.

  8. Key Bills/Atrostic says:

    When liberals are the comment section

  9. Kim Jong Un says:


  10. Liam Lambie says:

    I still have no idea how this man was even aloud to be elected president yet be one! WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR COUNTRY??? FUCK TRUMP

  11. Austin White says:

    Fuck Donald trump. His party literally controls the entire federal government and they can’t pass shit. Most everything has been done by executive order… you know, the thing he talked shit on Obama for doing? The hypocrisy with this guy is untenable.

  12. Tupshin Zhu says:

    Let President Trump Make America Great Again!

  13. Joshua Yaffee says:

    You are literally the least successful president this country has ever seen. You are xenophobic, you support racism, you don’t give two shits about the American people unless they are literally in a coal mine, you think the world is a toy that your rich ass daddy can just replace after you play with it and destroy it, and you don’t know half a thing about how to deal with other countries. I could go on for days, but let’s put it in words you can understand: YOU FUCKING SUCK.

  14. Ariel Zabihi says:

    Crazy how the Russian ambassador is also the president of America. The future is weird

  15. Luke says:

    The negativity in this comment section is sickening, can’t everyone engage in thoughtful and respectful debates with one another without them turning into insult-fests that have little foundation in fact? As a Trump supporter myself, I don’t like seeing either side making arguments putting the blame for this on someone, or claiming that someone is the sole reason why this thing happened. We have to realize that both Democrats and Republicans have played a part in the tensions and anger in this comment section, both white supremacists and BLM, both Donald Trump and his opponents. There are many people and media sources on both sides that are fueling the hate in this comment section and instilling their twisted ideologies into the mind of us Americans. We need to take a step back and examine the facts of our current society and political environment, and come back with a clear understanding of both sides arguments and engage in thoughtful discussion about our problems and differences. And, most of all, we have to remember that Democrat or Republican, far-left or far-right, Atheist or Christian, black or white, were are all united under our flag, and for that reason should attempt to do what’s best for us Americans and not focus on our differences.

  16. Sweaty Cankles says:

    Warning : Triggered SJWs in comment section.

  17. Ultra Hero 151 says:

    HOLY SHIT he is our president! Stop crying about it and saying he is terrible even though he has literally done NOTHING bad to our country. People are dumbasses for believing everything the media says.

  18. Vekays says:

    Hey Liberals, what policy do you disagree with?

  19. DJSol says:

    im legit dying laughing all these comments full of stupid kids and dumb ass liberals. god bless trump and trump administration

  20. What's good in the streets says:

    Before I start this off, 1: I’m not an 11 year old kid. 2: I’m not a 100% Trump supporter. 3: I actually think before words come out of my mouth. I’m not brain dead or autistic(as some of you like to use that as an insult and it’s very wrong), or uneducated in any way. Why does everyone like to focus on all of his negitive things like he’s not a human? He has actually done nice things that no one talks about, but when he says one little negitive thing, it’s an uproar. It’s so frustrating that so many people can’t sit their asses down and listen to themselves for one minute and actually have proof that they are in fact right. I didn’t like Trump at first, but I’m an African-American female and I still shut my hate down for a second to actually listen to what I was saying and what he has said. People are so quick to do something without thought, that we can even be at peace and grow with our own president. Even foreigners make fun of Trump, America is disappointing. I feel that the people who dislike Trump make it harder for themselves, and if we had Hilary Clinton as president, it’d be harder for America to be good at all with the things we know she did. I’m not trying to send hate or get attention or anything at all. I just want to get my well thought, honest opinion out there like anyone should. Please don’t send ignorance or hate at me or you might as well be worse than what you say Trump is. I send love, and good luck from Michigan.

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