“Let’s hang out soon”

“Let’s hang out soon”

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20 Responses

  1. Slim Beanie says:

    *Wants to get a response from Anna but doesn’t know what to say to achieve
    said goal*

  2. YanniMB says:

    So wanna hangout next Saturday?

  3. Air-Force says:

    So true.

  4. Maafa 1619 says:

    You sound really douchey when you attempt to swear. Stop it.

  5. ryunensei says:

    I love your sponsors section, so fun every time

  6. William Kogoi says:

    The truth of this is so accurate, this happens to me all the time. The
    truth hurts

  7. Bill23799 says:

    Anna you are so funny and witty.
    You love cats and you know how to handle firearms.

    If I was 40 years younger I would say ” Lets hang out “

  8. Lava Storm Plays says:

    wow shes pretty. Is she Japanese American mix? What a beauty. but itll take
    more for me to subscribe.

  9. Fabian Velasquez says:

    god damn guuuurrrl ? ..got me bent ??

  10. CheeHon Yong says:

    You’re the hot girl from the end of the ant man movie…

  11. John Cho says:

    I have this sort of anxiety too. Lots of excuses after another. I’m a bit
    awkward socially so I get tense in social places.

  12. Tamiris Alves de Freitas says:

    I really though I was the only one feeling like this! Thank you for
    existing you incredible person!

  13. Connie T says:

    Exactly how I feel when people don’t respond when I follow up to their,
    “Lets hang out soon!” Thank you Anna for validating the way I feel when
    these situations arise.

  14. pb24435414 says:

    Hay Anna we should hand out soon!

  15. vfudo1 says:

    If this Youtube thing ever stops working out you definitely have a career
    in advertising. You are literally the only person I watch who I have no
    problem or negative thoughts towards their overt plugs.

  16. Jenny ho says:

    I love u Anna I totally relate ! :D

  17. Jester2b04 says:

    Asians are so Organized !

  18. shaz ferouz says:

    Hey Anna has anyone ever said the guitarist from DNCE and you kinda look

  19. Hello ThisIsDhairya says:

    Hey how zzz RAY?????

  20. JasenStl says:

    I’m busy…