Let’s Talk about Money

Let’s Talk about Money

In which John discusses what happens with the revenue generated by the advertisement you just watched.


The Project for Awesome web site has lots of helpful info, including thumbnails you can use for your video: http://projectforawesome.com

More info on The Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck and the charities that have received grants from us:

Applications for grants to fund the creation of freely available educational content: http://www.nerdfighteria.com/sponsorships/

Hank’s video on how to make a great p4a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WcuN37IrZg

The 2017 Nerdfighter Census: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NF2017YT

Recent grant recipients funded by vlogbrothers ad revenue:

Draw Curiosity – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOs_jEnQF2ePJzjJTgRtunA

Step Back History – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxTdWpLJurbGlFMWOwXWG_A

Mr Beat – https://www.youtube.com/user/iammrbeat

Neuro Transmissions – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYLrBefhyp8YyI9VGPbghvw

Cogito – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKMnl27hDMKvch–noWe5CA

Up and Atom – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSIvk78tK2TiviLQn4fSHaw

Soliloquy – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOU-cHVIJhJ9JAeg2ZIIrRg

Odd Quartet – http://oddquartet.com/

Anthropogical Life Podcast – https://www.thisanthrolife.com/home/

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76 Responses

  1. Violet Moon says:

    Yay! Johns back! Hope you’re feeling better (unless this was recorded a while ago and you’re still not feeling great)

  2. Parker Zavada says:


  3. Marie says:

    Soo excited for P4A!!

  4. sugar cube says:

    you feeling better John?

    • Larixlaricina says:

      Yes indeed 🙂 I love vlogbrothers.
      but there is a reply that says “big surprise” with a link, and I’m not sure what it’s meant for.

    • Alex Healy says:

      The link sent me to some fishy website that had free gift cards. Not sure how that happened

    • Neon Bandit says:

      oh thats just the scam bots,please report them whenever you see them.
      they usually have the youtuber’s name and a link with “big surprise” or “a present for my fans!”

    • Lampshade says:

      Larixlaricina Spam account, when you seem them, report them. It was just a coincidence that it posted at the same time as John.

    • Scotts Barbarossa Logic says:

      You will noticed that the video creators on youtube will have a checkmark beside their name, meaning that they have verified by youtube.

  5. SciJoy says:

    Channels in the doobly do are awesome. I suggest you check them out.

  6. Álvaro Lopes says:

    Not sure what looks better on you, John, that suit or your commitment to educate everyone and decrease worldsuck.

  7. Ten Minute History says:

    For what it’s worth, I think what you two do for online educational content is phenomenal. John’s Crash Course World History is the reason why I got into teaching history online.

  8. andrineslife says:

    Rosianna is always my favorite host, but Lex and her cat were great last year too – as was Charlie and Hannah, Mamrie and Grace. Also just the offices! Buttfartmas for life!

  9. posthumorously says:

    Are you wearing a suit or a “suit” (no pants below the camera)? 😉

  10. SciJoy says:

    Also thank you for doing the Vlogbrothers grants. It truly has done a lot for so many of us. It has helped not just with production value but also with morale.

  11. Ziraya0 says:

    Hey John, could you explain why matching donations is a thing, how it works, and why they don’t just donate directly?
    Also could you explain why non-charity donation things like PBS pledge drive and the Max Fun… I forget what they call it, can give you “gifts” for donating, doesn’t that make it a purchase instead of a donation? Seems like this should matter even if they’re not a tax deductable charity (I don’t know the legal state of either of the quoted entities)

    • Henrik says:

      I think that matching donations might encourage more people to donate by telling them that their money is worth more… though I might be completely wrong, I’m just guessing

    • vlogbrothers says:

      Sure! Your question about matching donations: The idea is that by offering to match donations, it encourages more people to give more. (There’s quite a bit of data out there that this works pretty well.) So if Hank and I say we will match your donations up to $250,000, it motivates people to give more because they want to take advantage of the full $250,000.
      Your question about purchases vs.donations: So if you donate to a charity and receive something in exchange, you can only deduct the amount of the donation OVER the “fair market value” of the thing in question. Let’s say you donate $50 to the Project for Awesome and get a t-shirt. The FMV of the t-shirt is, say, $22, so the value of your donation is $28. You can deduct $28 from your income for tax purposes (if you itemize your deductions). I am not a tax lawyer, but that is my understanding of it! -John

    • rana khan says:

      vlogbrothers I want to talk about old age? How to support it & cancer donations in US?

  12. Matt Phillips says:

    Another way you can give to The Foundation to Decrease World Suck is by using a extension called “Tab for a Cause”. Basically non-intrusive ads appear on your “new tab” page and each new tab gives you a heart, after collecting some hearts you can choose a charity to give those hearts to. Those hearts are equivalent to the money made by the ads on your new tab page. Once again the extension is called “Tab for a Cause” -DFTBA

  13. Rachel Dickhausen says:

    I would love to see the Super Carlin Brothers cohost!!

  14. Step Back History says:

    Thanks so much John for both the funding you provided (it allowed me to do some great upgrades for Step Back) and for mentioning my work in the description. You guys are truly making amazing things happen in the education sphere and I am touched by how great humanities representation is here. Cheers!

  15. Draw Curiosity says:

    One more time to say – thank you thank you thank you for everything you and Hank do! 🙂
    – One very grateful creator 🙂

  16. Soliloquy says:

    As a recipient of one of these grants, I have to just say thank you. It’s not only financial support but a big source of validation that the vlogbrothers support what I am doing!

  17. Up and Atom says:

    Such an amazing project you guys are doing. I’m truly thankful for getting the grant last time and every cent of it is going towards making better educational videos 🙂 Truly honored to be mentioned in your description! DFTBA

  18. Mr. Beat says:

    John and Hank, I just wanted to thank you again for your generous support. My new computer ships in tomorrow! Anyone reading this who is a small Edutuber like myself should also apply. You’ve got nothing to lose and the world has everything to gain. Take advantage of this great program. Thanks again guys!

  19. Technicality says:

    The grants you give are simply phenomenal. I know so many people who have benefited from them, and I can’t wait for more to come!

  20. Cogito - Curiosity Visualised says:

    As someone that was inspired to create an educational channel due to Crash Course and by Hank & John’s general life philosophy I was blown away when I got the grant. It revolutionised my channel and is helping me make much better content. I’ve noticed the effect it has had on the educational community in general too. Giving creators the tools they wouldn’t have otherwise and just making Youtube better. This doesn’t even cover the great charity work that you also do!!

    Also as a long time fan being in the description of a Vlogbrothers video made me jump out of my chair and gasp audibly when I saw it 😀

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