Letting my DOG pick my Warzone loadout

Letting my DOG pick my Warzone loadout

Sallyisadog tells a story about the time his dog, Sally, picked his Call of Duty Warzone loadout for him. Safe to say this is the NEW Warzone Meta, and SUPER OP. Originally from TikTok with over 2.2 million views. #Shorts

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26 Responses

  1. Sally Is a Dog says:

    Sally the dog will receive PRECICESLY 1 (one) boop for every person who drops by the stream and EXACTLY 2 (two) treats for every Twitch Prime used. Twitch.tv/sallyisadog

  2. Zachary Vanden-bos says:

    Hey, Sally is really cute. tell her she is good girl. By the way, can you try the AN-94

  3. mukesh kumar says:

    Ah yes, a dog of culture
    Chose the m4

  4. Bren W says:

    Loved the grunt when she picked the sniper scope. Lol!

  5. Duelly Singleton says:

    Hey Sally the p90 is slapping rn and might be broken you should try it

  6. Soviet Monke says:

    But he still chose what gun he used and what the options for the gun attachments, so he chose the gun and its attachments just let the dog choose which attachments he already chose.

    • I’m kind of an idiot, but says:

      Wow it’s almost like you watched the video. I’m sure if the dog could write it would’ve wrote the cards out for him

    • Soviet Monke says:

      @I’m kind of an idiot, but I’m trying to find logic in this sentence but I can’t

  7. nick cassidy says:

    Warzone day 1 during quarantine I ran that scope on my m4 and lowkey beamed kids lmao

  8. Father Russia says:

    Plot twist: any of the choices we’re going to make a god loadout

  9. Converse says:

    When he said sniper scope I got Greg Renko flashbacks

  10. stealthypanda says:

    I’m new to this channel. I genuinely thought his name was Sally, and the name “Sally is a dog” was a metaphor, kind of like “sal is going off like a rabid dog and can’t be stopped.” Please don’t flame the hell out of me guys. 😅

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