Life is Strange 2 – Official Teaser

Life is Strange 2 – Official Teaser

A new journey begins.

All will be revealed August 20, 2018. #LifeisStrange2

Episode 1 of Life is Strange 2 will release on September 27th 2018.

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68 Responses

  1. hkm 3012 says:

    the graphics looks different!! omgg!!

    • Exposhark says:

      hkm 3012 I mean I has been a while so LIS 1 soπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

    • alectric alexia says:

      I hope this game will run on the same engine lis have ran on because Captain spirit has a entire new engine and doesn’t work well on my laptop :/ it is extremely laggy but i’ll probably buy it on my ps4 and hopefully this lis 2 work well on my computer

    • Ivan Ivanov says:

      Nope, it will be running on UE4, the same engine as used in Captain Spirit. And the engine is gorgeous!
      The lags you have are not related to the engine itself. Just not a lot of QA for a FREE game. And the PS4 version would be if anything much worse, not better.

      The game for sure would be much more reliable and polished, so stay tuned

    • Agathe Dragonhill says:

      alectric alexia Life is Strange 2 has the same PC Specs like Captain Spirit

  2. JaggerBone says:

    I.. Wha.. Oh.. Uh… [mind.exe not responding]

  3. Bigwhofan says:

    Wonder if its like Stranger Things – different people with different power sets, like Eleven and her sister.

    Max could rewind time, this new character has telekinesis(?) and in a future third instalment, that main character has another power.

    Could there be a massive arc to this that’s gonna be years in the making?

  4. Med Max says:

    October 2016 so this was before Captain Spirit. I wonder where in the timeline we’re gonna be playing

  5. Emiliana Theresa says:

    0:30 Life is Stranger Things

  6. Dolly Rose says:

    Wait so we don’t have to wait until September‼️‼️‼️

  7. Leo_ tΓΈp says:

    This looks epic

  8. Dolly Rose says:

    Stop teasing us and just show us now ahhhhh 😩

  9. Red Stick says:

    0:31 fus ro dah!

  10. Fals3Agent says:

    Battle Royale mode confirmed, Alexa play Despacito

  11. Draghici Cristi says:

    If this game doesn’t have the same cozy,relaxing,melancholic vibes,ambiance the 1 game had, I’m gonna be mad. I want emotional pain again, hard to believe I’m saying this.

  12. Ornlu the Wolfie says:

    So, a few things:

    1. This takes place *BEFORE* Captain Spirit. CS takes place sometime in December 2016 while this trailer takes place in October 2016.

    2. There was an article on Captain Spirit that talked about a policeman being killed under unknown circumstances, and a man allegedly killed by said policeman as well.

    3. The article states that the deaths had occurred around a month ago. So assuming CS takes place in early December, it would fit with the timeline.

    4. The officer is responding to a 10-10, which is the code for a ongoing fight. So there were at least *3* people present (including the cop) at the time of the incident.

    So the question remains: who did the policeman kill…and who escaped?

    • Luis M says:

      This is interesting, thanks for seeing that! Nice logic :OO

    • Prododgy y says:

      Give this man more votes he has some serious knowledge.

    • Reinaldo Cascante says:

      Ornlu the Wolfie isn’t LIS 2 going to take place after Captain Spirit. The writers said that Chris is going to be part of this story but not as important as the role he had in Captain Spirit (his own spinoff).

      Am I sure this teaser is just a build up to what’s coming from the game and not actually the events that happen in the game

    • Zeo Fox says:

      doktor54321 , how many of us are now playing CS to find that newspaper

  13. Emmanuel Alejandro says:

    Life is strange 2: chronicle

  14. Andrew Rojas says:

    OMG yyeeeeessss!!! its happening!!! More secrets more powers, more feelings!!!

  15. ItsThePug says:

    They finally added police in the LiS universe!

  16. Lokim23 says:

    I’m a virgin to the LiS series, who just started the journey 2 days ago on twitch. And I must say the game is bloody amazing. So I’m looking forward to LiS 2

  17. Виктория Π‘Ρ‚Π΅ΠΏΠ°Π½ΠΎΠ²Π° says:

    Omg! I can’t wait to watch this in real!

  18. Geek Remix says:

    That’s some wild footage.

  19. ChaosBelow says:

    Do we play as Chris’s neighbors?

    • Katrina Anders says:

      probably i seen some people say the older brother is the one with powers and the main character just have to wait and see

    • masahiko shirune says:

      ChaosBelow, yes if I remember right Daniel has the Power to move (little Brother) and sean has the Power of destroying (big Brother) but Yeah we have to wait

  20. Fae says:

    I hope we’ll see or hear about Max and Chloe or someone we know…

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