Light and Shadow | Star Guardian Animated Trailer – League of Legends

Light and Shadow | Star Guardian Animated Trailer – League of Legends

A cosmic darkness threatens to overcome three former teammates who were thought to have perished.

Star Guardian Neeko, Xayah, Rakan, and Zoe are available on September 12, 2019.

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71 Responses

  1. 사랑keilana says:

    What am I supposed to do, not buy these skins..?

  2. SirPreyasThe619 says:

    Hey Riot, can we have a Star Guardians movie please?

  3. XXn0ahXx __ says:

    Ahri:I have the best cinematic’s ever

    Neeko:Hold my beer

    Wait a sec nope ahri still is the queen of cinematic’s

  4. Flower says:

    I don’t even play LoL I just watch your animations.

  5. Euan says:

    I thought the star above Neeko ‘ s heas was her flashing her mastery

  6. O A T says:

    Ahri : Here i come kick in the door.

  7. Jason Lover says:

    If only leagues balance team was as good as the animation team

  8. Long Phanguyen says:

    I thought star guardian Urgot would blast down that wall at the last moment but now I am sorely disappointed.

  9. Cinder says:

    My top league’s parallels universes that needs their own movie/anime (not netflix adaptation):
    1# Odyssey
    2# Star Guardian
    3# Project

  10. Chi Johnson says:

    Riot: A Game Company

    Also Riot
    *KPOP Producer*
    *Anime Producer*
    *Movie producer*

  11. Johnny Hibner says:


    -Ahri Mains

  12. Panda Bloop says:

    How does it feel
    Got no one on your side
    It isn’t how it is really meant to be
    How does it feel
    Got no one on your side
    It isn’t how it is really meant to be
    As light and shadow
    The sun and the moon
    Torn between love and hate
    I’ve gotta get it somehow
    Gaining by losing always haunt us
    To our dying day stuck in the haze
    How did it ever come to this
    I thought I’ll never see you again
    Once the stars were scattered in pieces all over the galaxy
    Eyes on eyes what d’you wanna regain
    After all I wonder how you feel ’bout this madness

  13. Alien PAGE says:

    When Neeko trans into Xayah, i felt she didnt want this

  14. Ray Gaming says:

    So, asking the real question, who made the animation? Please list the names of the amazing people who did it. Thank you.

  15. Andrew Karp says:

    1. I LOVE how The Quickness is silent (0:26). Something about the lack of sound makes it all the more unsettling.
    2. The 2D segment (2:12) is just as stunning the 2.5D animation. I don’t think Zoe’s creepiness would come across as well otherwise.
    3. Rakan’s reaction to seeing Ahri (3:04) appears to be that of relief, rather than Xayah’s scorn. His defensive actions through most of the video also seems to show that he isn’t as corrupted as his partner (though I give Xayah credit for coming to his aid when the shrine collapsed at 2:10)
    4. We see Neeko’s corruption start to fade before she even sees Ahri (2:49). This could be because Zoe got interrupted, but Neeko’s reaction seems to be that of familiarity, which shows how strong friendship is as a power source when Ahri’s mere presence is enough to stop the corruption.
    4.5 I can’t take credit for this but I saw someone mention somewhere that Neeko is incredibly strong (perhaps the strongest) since she is fending off three foes, two of whom are previous allies, without the Star Guardian’s boon of friendship. We see how powerful the bonds can effect power from when Jinx showed up at the end of the first Star Guardian video.

    This video is just really neat

    • Andrew Karp says:

      @Sean Creech Yeah, there’s definitely something going on there with his ability to ‘cure’ or ‘mend’ the corruption in Xayah. They have that similar exchange with their joint recall animation where Xayah goes full Star Guardian while Rakan goes full corrupted. Whatever the case, the dynamic is really good with their characters

    • Amirash Rios says:

      I’d say Neeko is not really the strongest but she definitely is strong when it comes to tricking or as a trickster due to her w and passive which does shows that her level of trickster is almost as high as Zoe but what makes Zoe the strongest (I’d say) is that she is able to make her enemies sleep and going through portals hence dodging almost many abilities. Not to mention, she is able to give nightmares and corrupt enemies too, also we all know how much damage her q deals. But never the less, both Neeko and Zoe are squishies when you can get close enough to them 🙂

    • CrispyMonsta says:

      @Amirash Rios He probably meant the strongest Star Guardian.

    • Gamer Cat says:


    • James Considine says:

      “Many years ago, Rakan was destroyed in the fight against Zoe, alongside his lover Xayah. The pair were then resurrected and turned against their allies — a fact Rakan seems keenly aware of. Biding his time to strike, he has a plan to purify the darkness from Xayah’s heart… though the price may be losing himself to evil forever.” That’s rakans skin bio

  16. Fonzi M - Melodies on Piano says:

    Sounds like I’m watching Attack on Titan with Sawano composing the soundtrack lol

  17. Lieutenant Lanceor says:

    Sawano Hiroyuki composing for League of Legends? 2019 is the best!

  18. diana haHAA says:

    ahri: *leaves 3 star guardians for dead*

    also ahri: neeko is in trouble this is an *avengers level threat*

  19. wild suit says:

    New Horizon video tells the story how Ahri lost 3 fellow star guardians on her team as we learn later is Neeko, Rakan, and Xayah. Ahri with her only other surviving teammate Miss Fortune forge a new team with Star Guardian Ezreal, Syndra, and Soraka. Now if you actually listen to the interaction of Star Guardian Xayah and Rakan they say that Ahri failed them which caused their deaths. I am guessing Xayah and Rakan were revived by Zoe who tainted them with dark energy. Also clearly Neeko is trying to fight back and not get caught or killed because clearly if she does fail to get away she will turn dark like the other two. Which Zoe clearly almost did until Ahri got there in time to stop Zoe from turning Neeko evil like Zoe did to Rakan and Xayah. Im not sure about this part though but im guessing that Neeko must have got captured or lost her way back to Ahri and Miss Fortune which would explain why Ahri believes all three Rakan, Xayah, and Neeko to be dead or turned evil. But clearly Neeko is still her true Star Guardian self.

    Well thats how I understand it. Man i love story telling.

    • James Considine says:

      Rakan and Xayah aren’t fully corrupted either, you can see the pained expression on Rakan he wants to take her corruption onto himself so she can be purified, but she likes being evil because she believes Ahri failed them

    • Maskedcakecat MCC says:

      Also if you notice the five you see there doesn’t match body type with any star guardian if you look at the far left the legs are more bug like then human

  20. DJSummers says:

    Yo hol up I recognize that format of music anywhere…

    Hiroyuki Sawano HOW DID YOU GET HERE?

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