Liking Things

Liking Things

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60 Responses

  1. Marnie Used Smile says:

    Domics: “You are allowed to like things”

    Me: *sweats in weeb*

  2. Eduard Yuzon says:

    I’m a teacher, and I’m living testament that we do not live inside the school, and we don’t power off like robots after dismissal.

  3. nzzckoシ says:

    “If you love rock climbing so much just marry it!”

    while in Malaysia : “Go ahead, marry with your games.”

  4. Inas Iman says:

    “Youre allowed to like that one nerd in your english class even though all youre friends think he’s a loser”
    Ouch, that hit hard. 😂

  5. That guy no one knows says:

    I mean, is the debate of “if you’re allowed to like anything, I’m allowed to judge you for it ” available here or?

    • Jacob Cordova says:

      Yea tolerate but not respect

    • RoboTiger Gaming says:

      I think there is a line between judging someone and actively hating them for that thing. Like if you pass by someone in the street and you hate their clothes, who tf cares cuz you will never see them again. Careful not to cross that line though, it might count as harassment

  6. Sugarsuga_y93 says:

    Yeah internet I’m allowed to like music in a different language respect my choices I respect yours-

    • Katie Sumpter says:

      My child watches kids YouTube in Korean and Chinese.

    • Alisea . . says:

      People at my school “hate Kpop” but they also think kpop is the same music as the ones on Anime intros??😂

    • lil bangtan says:

      I like kpop.. no, LOVE kpop and don’t give a damn abt others opinion

    • Conan Shaun says:

      Oh preach

    • Jezzica says:

      It’s dumb. Like you only know how to say hi in Spanish but you’re allowed to bop to Despacito? I wanted to die when my friend who likes anime judged me for that. Does she realize that anime characters speak Japanese and not English?

  7. Superior McCowin says:

    When he said, “But society, man, society. . .”

    I stg I felt that

  8. Eve Q says:

    People: fruit doesn’t belong on pizza!
    Tomato: SNEAK 100%

  9. The Armageddon says:

    “As long as the thing is not anime, you can like anything.” – The emperor of Man

  10. Tanisha M says:

    me, a tomboy who’s into more rock and alternative: *secretly likes BTS* 👀

    friend: ew the fandom is so toxic and you’re not the type to like girly boy bands >:c

    • Kookieizu says:

      @Canti ??  Canti ??  BTS are in their twenties( the oldest being 27) , most of the fans are actually in their early to late twenties as well… surprising I know. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of teens and preteens but theres also a lot of people in their 30s – 50s who are fans, so take what you want with that but know that fans sold out Hyundai cars because BTS was sponsoring them…what teens and preteens are selling out cars????

    • Civeticism X says:

      @Canti ?? Not really, someone did a poll and most of us are late teens to early twenties. (Like around college age)

    • Kookieizu says:

      @min t I get the feeling they think BTS are teens lol, they could have just done some research honestly.

    • VENUS JOHNSON says:

      i am going to rant now
      bts is awsome because they are feminie and army are(Mostly) Very nice and likeing bts is liking bts not liking the fandom… so excuse me but let me just call agustd into the chat
      suga] what
      me]vebal acid? please?
      suga} Right, if you want to go ahead
      Try reserving first class
      My seat is business
      Yours is economy, forever behind me kissing my ass
      Next target is Billboard~ AGUSt d lyrics in english

    • Canti ?? says:

      @Kookieizu I hate to explain it but the joke there was that they’re not real men, so I called them boys.

  11. Valérie Nicolet says:

    I like horse back riding okay and people say “ohhh so your a horse girl ?!” It annoys me so much because im not a horse girl not that there’s anything wrong with that but when you call someone something that they aren’t they want to say something about it so naturally i say “no I’m not” and they they say “so you don’t like horses” WHY CANT I RIDE HORSES AND LIKE HORSES WITH OUT BE CALLED A HORSE GIRL !

    • Valérie Nicolet says:

      key board well yeah because I get this type of comment almost every day and at a moment I’m sick of it

    • Innxs says:

      Why do horse girls seem to get so mad so easily?

    • Scott Oleson says:

      Maybe people see it as a redeeming factor if it’s something that gives someone a lot of interest in passion and as a compliment, but as a musician I feel the same way if someone says I’m a “rockstar” or “shredder” or whatever else just because I play guitar occasionally doesn’t mean I’m Jimi Hendrix or anywhere near as good

    • 1UpWelch says:

      What the heck is a horse girl? Is it like a country girl? Is it supposed to be an insult? A compliment? I’ve never heard this term before.

    • C L says:

      Valérie Nicolet You’re a horse girl

  12. RazorbladeJones says:

    Finally someone admits mint chocolate isn’t God’s gift to the earth.

  13. Vibrant Disaster says:

    “At the end of the day it’s just Their opinion and your opinion matter”
    -Domics 2020
    My Parents: Tastes Like Disrespect

  14. T2 TRIX says:

    No one:

    Me: pronounces the title “licking”

  15. Legendary Phoenix says:

    Dom:You like my character



  16. Kibbles says:

    “Mint chocolate does not make sense to me”


  17. papero giallo says:

    Domics: i like pineapple on pizza
    Italian: you’ve mama’d your last mia

  18. Erisu 9000 says:

    “You are allowed to like multiple things”

    Me: *loves green tea*


  19. Mathias Hammer says:


  20. XxUltimateBonaparteXx says:

    “You’re allowed to like and dislike things”

    Me: Likes My Hero Academia over One Piece

    Everyone: *So, You’ve chosen Oblivion…?*

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