Lil Baby – The Bigger Picture – Music Video

Lil Baby – The Bigger Picture – Music Video

The Bigger Picture – Song And Video Out Now!!
#blacklivesmatter #thebiggerpicture

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63 Responses

  1. JLee 23 says:

    When he said ” we done had a hell of a year ”

    Every one felt that

  2. Korona Karl says:

    Imagine people giving 69 all that hype, making his bs blow up so fast but here we are with this message and you can’t see that same crowd smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  3. zayy says:

    “Every colored person ain’t dumb, and all whites not racist, I be judging by the mind and heart ain’t really into faces” 🤧

  4. ballislife2351 says:

    Sumthing is different bout this song and video, I didn’t get not one thought about him doing this just to feed off what happened…. like I can feel this shxt actually hurt him and he’s had enough

  5. Suighost says:

    Lil baby has mastered his craft

  6. Jaxen Christen says:

    Thats literally the only word that should be said after this song

  7. Loc Tastic says:

    Word to Pac, you ain’t a real rapper if you can’t talk about the issues affecting your ppl ✊🏾

  8. Joslyn Hernandez says:

    “Crazy I have to tell all of my love ones to carry a gun when they go outside. Stare in the mirror when you drive.” Real life ptsd 🔥🔥🔥💜😈

  9. Taylor Amos says:

    “God is the only man I fear.” Amen.

  10. Gavin Brown says:

    I bet all the people who disliked with this respected song of lil baby’s song was white and racist it makes no sense to dislike it when he’s making sense

    • your local crack dealer says:

      Admittedbrake219 that’s the stupidest shit I ever heard

    • Rise73 G says:

      I disliked this because Black Lives Matter was actually created by George Soros, a War criminal that creates chaos in countries and profits off the deaths. He has destroyed countries with the wealth of politicians and he is one of the biggest reasons why black people are suppressed all over the world. The people never actually made Black Lives Matter. The racist white man George Soros did. He created BLM and Antifa, so every time I see those names, I see the Elites laughing at us. It would be nice if people actually knew the real enemies.

    • Devxon says:

      @Rise73 G well the word nigger has been transformed into nigga but it has a dark history doesn’t mean anything

    • The VIIX says:

      @Devxon what look this song a certified banger and is fire but that was not that dudes poiny

    • Arvell Cox says:

      Rise 73 shut up about past

  11. Ciara Jones says:

    HE IS SUCH A MAN OF God. He is the perfect example of a Godly Husband

  12. Get Owned says:

    What kind of sick minded people over the internet dislike this 😡

    • Mr. Lucky Casino says:

      White supremacist

    • Mr. Lucky Casino says:

      @Rise73 G u missed the message tho dummy

    • SUb tO lOvElIvEsErve says:

      @Rise73 G Are you for real

    • Phuck Eyoo says:

      @Mr. Lucky Casino just because someone doesnt agree with your point of view it makes them a white supremacist? Everyone is entitled to their own freedom of speach , everyone is entitled to their own opinions , but what you just said by calling this man a white supremacist because of his opinion is racist and is hate speech.

    • Rise73 G says:

      @Mr. Lucky Casino what’s your idea of the message?
      Police brutality?
      The economy?
      Gangs ruining lives?

  13. Prince Oji says:

    who is better?
    like for lil baby
    comment for YB

  14. Ozotto says:

    I don’t even listen to Lil Baby, but this is hella powerful.

  15. Tida Saidy says:

    He ain’t lie when he said “we done had a hell of year”

  16. Antonio Vasquez says:

    He said “I don’t wanna go to deep cause they might get me” that went over everyones head he talking bout the evil people that run Hollywood

  17. complete boss says:

    Let’s make this the 2020’s anthem. WE MUST STAND FOR PEACE ✌️

  18. Lil_chance 713 says:

    Every single thing lil baby said in this song was FACTS about the world today

  19. Marcus The God says:

    “The man above is the only one I fear” just facts don’t be afraid to speak up and don’t be afraid of cops. Not all cops are bad just cooperate

  20. RONEY MUSIC says:


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