Lil Nas X – SUN GOES DOWN (Live on SNL)

Lil Nas X – SUN GOES DOWN (Live on SNL)

Official live performance of “SUN GOES DOWN” by Lil Nas X on SNL.

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48 Responses

  1. Prank Panda. says:

    This is the same guy that lap danced for the devil and sang for Roblox

  2. Read Love Listen says:

    I haven’t heard one song by Lil Nas X that I dislike. His pre-fame music is great too .

  3. Rice-kim says:

    This is the song anthem for those who have been bullied.

  4. Kim Naamjoon pornesio parapio says:

    lil nas looking at the camera and saying ‘there’s much more to life than dying’ had me crying.
    suicide is real y’all
    please try and be nice to everyone

    • Sky C says:

      !! <3 <3 blessed be

    • Chilliez says:

      @I M my brother plays games all day and hes so loud and my mom doesnt even like me. but lil nas x’s stares in the camera Makes me feel like hes tryna say ‘everything will be alright’ 😪

    • Chilliez says:

      @I M and plus sometimes I had nightmares my family was gone or my mom fail off a balcony and its terrifying, I even sometimes said to myself ‘why am i even here :(‘

  5. Kaileigh Thomas says:

    he doesn’t know that hes saving people with this song.

  6. Ahmed Warraich says:

    i’m gay and in a homophobic country but seeing lol nas x really just makes me want to work hard to leave and move to a more accepting place. i know what i will lose when i come out but i want to be myself more than anything, even if i become poor i don’t mind.

  7. the ghost with the most. says:

    Can we all just appreciate him for giving young poc today that are in the closet someone to look up to and make things a little less scary and lonely?

  8. Eliza says:

    This man deserves the fame he has. Every time he looked into the camera my gay ass self just cried harder. He is probably one of the most down to earth, genuine singers out there. And the fact that he is a poc and gay, really makes a difference. I’m not a poc, but I’m gay as shit and had to hide it as a kid in my Christian household and private school. This speaks volumes to so many people

  9. Fierce TV says:

    He went from Devil to Godly real quick..

  10. Helios Deep says:

    the pop revolution came we live to see that this boy transformed the market.

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