Lil Uzi Vert – Bean (Kobe) feat. Chief Keef [Official Audio]

Lil Uzi Vert – Bean (Kobe) feat. Chief Keef [Official Audio]

Lil Uzi Vert – Bean (Kobe) feat. Chief Keef
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101 Responses

  1. Stephan Omen says:

    Keef sounds like a grown ass man in the best kind of way on here. That’s growth.

  2. akv says:

    Never thought i would hear the real audio

  3. whtevr. says:

    i like how brittany and him don’t date any more but he still uses the art w her in it, this man knows how powerful his shit is

  4. Λlone says:

    The fact some of these kids here too young to *know who Sosa is* got me weak ngl.

  5. Christian Garcia says:

    Who’s here before 1M? 🤩

  6. A-loc A-loc says:

    We couldn’t have just gotten the auto tune version !🤧😢

  7. Émile de la Fouchardière says:

    Haters opinion on EA: *thats trash*

    Haters opinion after listening to deluxe: …😳

  8. Fr ed says:

    You are a strange artist Uzi. Your music is like a vibrant mosaic of different vibes, good, sad and especially nostalgic. It really makes you feel something that you don’t own but feels like it’s yours ( like that good story from your friend, which has been told so well that is like living it first person). And then we have art that comes with it, like the cover from your albums or some videos from your songs; that very cartoonesque art that fits perfectly with the rest. Maybe because is so colorful and cool, with all the different tones…like your music. Keep it up uzi, stay safe.

  9. Richsombie says:


  10. wierd man says:

    When corona takes over your city: 😔. But uzi realizes EA deluxe edition: 😃

  11. Davey J says:

    not gone lie the sound is low or kjinda off the snippet is more hype still a banger

  12. JamesPlays NoGames says:

    Damn, it’s crazy how all the schools are closing because of uzi’s album

  13. Evan Ollen says:

    Imagine thinking rich the kid is better than uzi💀

  14. King Dev says:

    It’s crazy how Chief Keef is younger than Uzi and been out so much longer

    • Jamaal dagreatest says:

      Blunt Vell No Sosa is 24

    • Nugg3t says:

      @Demon 777 but being born someplace doesnt determine what you can listen to

    • Kar3c - says:

      Demon 777 ain’t nothing wrong in being in suburbs my nigga just means your parents work hard to make your life comfortable and even if your a hype beast but you acknowledge that people work for what you have a no applicateur it you aren’t washed up I swear y’all come up with the weirdest insults ps:everyone knows who chief is

    • Chill YoungApex says:

      nico! It don’t but it do when It comes to how much u understand it and thts just facts

    • prod. joey sauce says:

      @Manuel Perez u aint no tuff guy pussy

  15. ItsSteezy says:

    Just give it a couple listens and it’ll grow on you

  16. Kailon Lewis says:

    Chief keef: “Kobe” “24” “Bean” only die hard fans know all three

  17. Amandeep Thind says:

    When school closes just for lil uzi to release EA Deluxe. That’s crazy.

  18. Django Bravo says:

    I feel like the energy isn’t HELLA HYPE. Still a banger but its like they’re both tired 😓

  19. Sergio Vazquez says:

    Lil Uzi: *if you let me use the skrt skrt beat I’ll drop kobe*

  20. Kaep00 says:

    These little white kids rlly don’t know who sosa is

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