Lions vs. Packers | NFL Week 9 Game Highlights

Lions vs. Packers | NFL Week 9 Game Highlights

The Detroit Lions battle the Green Bay Packers in Week 9 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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20 Responses

  1. Carlos Vazquez says:

    bring tommy to green bay and he’ll retire after 1 game.

  2. Ja711Bx says:

    The packers were actually favorites to win

  3. Delrach Dubal says:

    Speaking of Brett, somebody call FAVRE and get him back until A-Rod comes back lol

  4. spectators turner says:

    Those Steelers want to thank the lions for crushing the packers!

  5. Brenden Verlinden says:

    For everyone saying that if Rodgers was in, then the lions would have lost.

    My reply to that is that Rodgers doesn’t play defense. Stafford shredded GBs defense.

  6. KeeperOfProphecies says:

    Rodgers seriously held the Packers deficiencies in check. Without him, they’re extremely glaring. I’m still kind of shocked Dom Capers is still with the team.

  7. TopShot501st says:

    Watching the Packers crumble (as a bears fan) without their star QB makes me smile ear to ear.

  8. michael mars says:

    This is what happens when you’re entire team revolves around one player ( Aaron Rodgers). Bad enough they thought they could just outscore every team, every week, for years. Defense doesn’t just win championships, it wins games too.

  9. CalebGVS says:

    Our problem was not our offense. Our problem was the defense giving up 3rd and Long literally every time. Ted Thompson and Don Capers are stupid.

  10. pittygold99 says:

    Fire Dom Capers! That is all!!!

  11. Jeqs says:

    As a Lions fan, it does suck to see Aaron Rodgers hurt. He’s a good person and one of the best QBs of all time. Goodluck on the rest of the season Packers (Even though most Packers fans are faggots)

  12. Austin Rich says:

    This is are momentum. Gotta to win the next 3

  13. Pablo Gonzalez says:

    The worst packer`s season ever

  14. IRIE4IPIER says:

    I hate when the Cowboys lose to horrible teams like the Packers who get by only because they have one of the great quarterbacks.

  15. Drama 586 says:

    Even without Arron Rodgers this was a must win for Detroit. They came here clutch & Got this W. Mathew stafford was on another level. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Go Lions we got the division.

  16. Mustache D. Luffy says:

    Next week is the only week since forever that the bears are favored over the packers. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhj THE bears have better to win for the sake of football

  17. BurtonGuster2.0 says:

    I love how everyone is “boycotting” the NFL by looking up the highlights on YouTube later

  18. Ibrahim Hasan says:

    Maybe Bears have a chance next tues Nov 14 against Pats, if they became melted like nacho cheese against the Lions

  19. Simon Nelson says:

    T U R K E Y H O L E

  20. pancho mesa says:

    Packers should give a talk to number 9, tony romo

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