APRIL 7TH at 12pm Pacific time!! :]

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  1. Chappíe says:

    The secret is that: she has never existed and you have to forget the accident it wasn’t your fault.

  2. Maliz says:

    AAAAAAA (its cute ;v;)

  3. JohnC Drawz says:

    Possible Jaiden’s secret: she sold her soul to the goat man to have god like talent

  4. Knights of Gaming 2016 says:

    Possible secret:
    Jaiden’s avatar is secretly an animated character.

  5. Mia Cruz says:

    Jaiden: “If we reach the goal I will reveal a big secret”

    Mr.Beast: “Eh sure, I have nothing else to do”

    LaurenZside: *makes Jaiden do something evil to her Animal Crossing characters

    (Can we please leave a bunch of comments about this in their channels I would love to see this happen )😁

  6. Lemon Vxbez says:

    Jaiden: I will be playing Animal crossing

    Me: *Cries in no switch and plays pocket camp*

  7. AC9MOO says:

    Possibly Jaiden’s secret: She’s a person 😱

  8. Miint OwO says:

    Jaiden’s secret:
    Ari isn’t actually hers
    She has the corona
    She has a bf/gf
    She’s not actually having a Livestream

  9. funky monkey says:

    Possible secret: Her real name is Ari, the birds name is jaiden, and James is a ghost

  10. _ΜiΑ- TΑP ОN MY PHОTO says:

    No one:

    Jaiden: making everyone’s quarantaine better.

  11. _ΜiΑ- TΑP ОN MY PHОTO says:

    Possible secret: She has Fairy Godparents

  12. U U Gilbert says:

    Possible secret: James isn’t actually a furry

  13. Alexander Alvarez says:

    Me: eh I’ll probably be there
    Jaiden: I’ll probably share a secret I’m willing to share
    Me: IlL bE ThERe

  14. Schreck says:

    Jaiden: “Covid-19”

    YouTube: *”So you have chosen…death.”*

  15. Xtra Smol Beanzz says:

    possible secret:
    she doesn’t animate
    a r i . d o e s
    she isn’t giving any of those things she’s just giving them to her friends in the stream
    or she’s just normal

  16. 1 sub before 2022 ? says:

    Jaiden : we’re trying to raise 30,000 dollars, which is a lot of money

    mrbeast has entered the chat

  17. William Bourbois says:

    The secret is an embarrassing picture of James at the Christmas party.

  18. Shahnoor Syed says:

    Possible secret:
    she hated James

    Me: as if

  19. Peach Cakes says:

    #1 on trending

    Also her secret is maybe she likes James 😂😂😂

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