‘Littlebits’ ‘Arduino’ knife-wielding tentacle

‘Littlebits’ ‘Arduino’ knife-wielding tentacle

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?Updated in light of my folly’s popularity.

I have a long history of making objects that people find challenging.I started building back in the early days of SteamPunk here in the UK.I lost my job due to MS and so have plenty of time to get to grips with the Arduino.I’m not sure about what this build may or, may not bring, but then I don’t really care.I build to amuse those who may be bored.Just right now I think the world needs a laugh. ?

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20 Responses

  1. John Nealis says:

    that is amazing

  2. MN_Shooter says:

    This is why Arduinos were invented.

  3. wownelfwarrior247 says:

    I know what ill use that for when im alone, take off the knife acourse

  4. Austin123p0rk says:

    Goddamn all these comments are all sex jokes lmao

  5. EqualsThreeable says:

    First they built knife wielding tentacles in a box, they laughed.


    They rose up, dun dun DUN DUN

  6. Rixynator says:

    yes good ol’ 204p videos in 2015.

  7. Aaron Phillips says:

    ill emp it

  8. Mar Melon says:

    Oh my f*cking god… all the hentai

  9. SuperJ00tube says:

    “I appear to have invented a knife-wielding tentacle.”

  10. BatmanOnIce says:

    Seriously, how much would it cost for you to make me one of these with a
    star of X-acto blades at the end instead? I will pay for it

  11. Benjamin de Montgomery says:

    make this into a money box i will so by 5 of them

  12. FatalNoogie says:

    The only thing that can stop a BAD knife-wielding tentacle box is a GOOD
    knife-wielding tentacle box.

  13. primusavenged says:

    Truly you are a man of science.

  14. LiamTheVillain says:

    I didn’t know Jack sparrow was an inventor too!

  15. Justin F. says:

    The irony is that it’s designed to make sushi.

  16. Gerald Gardner says:

    Looks like my dong when I think about black girls, Asian girls, redheads,
    midgets, giants, BBW, and FBB. And amputees.

  17. Swallow_Skyla says:

    ISIS doesn’t stand a chance now

  18. Nikola Bijeliti says:

    What do you call it when every White neighborhood, every White school, and
    every White workplace are chased down and made non-White?
    Would you call that diversity? And why is diversity only forced upon White
    neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces?
    No one ever says that a Black anything is too Black and needs diversity.
    Diversity means chasing down White flight. It is a codeword meaning White
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  19. Greencoast says:

    Congratulations. You’ve literally created a mindless killing machine. xD

  20. Alexplorer says:

    It’s like a collaboration between Asimov and Lovecraft.