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Live Birth Archive

Animal Adventure Park
Harpursville, NY

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Official April the Giraffe Apparel

Post pregnancy nutrition is important, so Mazuri is gifting 100s of pounds of food to keep April on her A-Game! The Official Feed Company of Animal Adventure!

Inspired to sponsor our Giraffes? We have a safe platform form gifting linked below:

April is 15 – her 4th calf
April has never lost a calf nor had a stillborn
Oliver is 5 – his 1st calf

They have some of the largest indoor stalls in the nation (sq ft per animal). We take pride in our indoor housing and the level of enrichment and care to keep them happy and healthy. Unsafe weather and yard conditions may limit their yard access.

The calf will weigh around 150lb and will be about 6′ tall at birth.
The front hooves will come out first followed by the snout.

Mom will naturally raise the calf, with weaning could take between 6-10 months, maybe longer. We will not rush this process – it is just a documented range of captive weaning.

Once the calf is born, we will have a contest to name it.

The keepers will go in with April, clean her pen, give her treats (but not Oliver). He is a bull – and a bull is a bull is a bull!

Giraffes are pregnant for 15 months on average

Upon naturally weaning, the calf will move on to another facility to start a breeding program there. We cannot retain offspring, as it would lead to incestuous mating and undermine the genetics of the program and species.

Those “things” on their heads are called ossicones.

Bulls (male giraffes) only really care about two things- fighting and the unmentionable….
Oliver may share space with April, but for short periods. Bulls take no part in rearing young.

They eat hay and specialized giraffe diet but love romaine lettuce and carrot treats.

April’s water source, enrichment, and solo hay feeder are out of sight of the camera view.

This is Animal Adventure’s first giraffe calf.

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20 Responses

  1. Joe Ciano says:

    It’s a Easter baby

  2. Jesk Moore says:

    15 yr old April has her baby on April 15th. Cool!

  3. broughtbackin says:

    Start at 2:27:00 to see the birth. You’re welcome. 🙂

  4. smata2001 says:

    You’re welcome.

  5. Shea Bawek says:

    they should name her Easter

  6. You know it Girl says:

    They should name it may

  7. RoadHeads says:

    2:28:45 for the impatient

  8. Theresa Strobel says:

    Is it a boy or a girl?

  9. Sgmiii7 says:

    APRIL’S BABY IS NOW A EASTER WEEKEND BABY *Clicks Tongue Then Says Noce*

  10. Sgmiii7 says:


  11. SurrealKangaroo says:

    They should name the baby Fashionably Late.

  12. TheTubePortal says:

    I wonder how many GALLONS of amniotic fluid that was!

  13. PowahSlap Entertainmint says:

    2:27:00 I jumped to this timestamp and watched the video for like 5 minutes before I realized I had it on pause…

  14. Miloš Milosavljević says:

    Take a look how caring is that Father…Watching his loved ones,with so sympathy,and mother that brought her calf in front of him…We members of humankind will always be in a position to learn kindness from nature…Inspiring

  15. sidewinder666666 says:

    Two weeks of checking in… and the ONE morning I sleep in late, it happens and I miss it, lol. Precious.

  16. CAAW [Cecil And Alexander's World] says:

    The moment we’ve all been waiting for.

  17. Epic CristenTV says:

    This has been on for ages! Has she had birth yet?

  18. IsaacJamesTV says:

    When all that blood came up I about puked?????

  19. el jay says:

    Congratulations April and Oliver. And thanks to the Zoo and it’s wonderful keepers. ❤??

  20. GForceFGT says:

    there’s a lot of weirdos in this world if this gets 8m views so quick

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