LIVE CHAT Q&A – My Pregnancy, My Bump, Youtube…

LIVE CHAT Q&A – My Pregnancy, My Bump, Youtube…

I show my bump at 18:19 🙂 I am 23 weeks pregnant with a girl! 🙂

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54 Responses

  1. caseyajb03 says:

    Precious precious bump. Fills my heart. 💜💜💜 And brings back memories. So happy for you three.

  2. Chere Ferraiuolo says:

    Hi Jess congratulations!!!!🎉🎈

  3. Jessica Lee says:

    Don’t get a wipe warmer you really need a glider ….. like as soon as possible it’s the only way you can be comfortable during the last weeks of your pregnancy

    • Allyson Wonderland says:

      Jessica Lee I second this. I was gifted a wipe warmer and never used it. And don’t know if it’s true but I’ve heard they breed bacteria. I had a swing and my daughter used it forever!!!!

    • Jessica Carlock says:

      I love my wipe warmer and never used or needed a glider! My daughter is two and we still use the warmer.

      To each their own! If she wants one she should get one. If she doesn’t want a glider then she doesn’t have to get one!

    • Heather S says:

      I had neither. LoL. The couch was my friend during my final trimesters. Afterwards the couch was the most comfortable place to feed my babies too. Don’t get sucked into feeling you need all these special baby things. You don’t. Most of those gimmicky baby items aren’t worth your money.

    • Ashley S. says:

      Heather S right? On baby #2 and only buying the necessities! Wasted so much money buying things that were completely useless the first time.

    • Lacey Del Rey says:

      Yes! I bought a glider during the last like 3 weeks of my pregnancy. I used it constantly bc it’s the only way I was comfortable and I used it a lot pumping and nursing the new baby. Now I never use it because I’m comfortable nursing her anywhere lol

  4. Heather Ballew says:

    I hated hearing “you need to do…” or “you should…” when I was prego. You are going to do great and figure it out and it will all come to you. Mothers instinct is a wonderful thing.

  5. Snophia B says:

    Well my name is Anna Sophia, so that’s always a good option!

  6. 30-Something Beauty says:

    Totally feel you on the “feel of drinking coffee” thing

  7. Snudder. s.m.l. says:

    Take a break and enjoy this time, we wril Be here fore you..😄🌹
    Varm hug from Danmark 🌹

  8. Laura Isabel Rodriguez says:

    I have my money on the name being Jasmine 😜

  9. Pepper Lane says:

    You are my favorite Youtuber. I watch Tati, Nikki, and Kathleenlights as well as a few others. While I enjoy them all you are the one I get excited about the most. You are the only one I still watch snaps of too lol! I just wanted to say not to worry about the quality of your videos. I think they are great even when you are tired. I can’t imagine the struggle of teaching full time, doing YouTube, and being pregnant. Just know most of us enjoy your videos just as they are. Congrats on the baby girl and just keep doing what you do!

  10. Day in the life of a Mummy says:

    It’s the best thing to ever happen to me….My little girl is 3 months and beat feeling being a mummy ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  11. Rebekka Perez says:

    Do u set the B.B. cream with powder?

  12. MaryAnne Elliott says:

    Oh honey… Do not worry about caffeine! Lol I have had 7 babes. And drank caffeine. Never worried. I delivered them all at IU North… Not sure where you are delivering. But if that’s the location, their food is delicious!

    • NicoleKristine says:

      MaryAnne Elliott she is so adorable isn’t she!! She is just like so likable and so sweet and beautiful💕💕 I was just thinking the same thing I haven’t had 7 kids yet love 💕💕😂 but I deff drank caffeine also xoxo 💋 love ya girlie

    • Caren Collins says:

      Me too. I have it up with my first because everyone told me to but with my second, I didn’t care and drank all the Dr Pepper. And she’s fine

    • Nenita says:

      Yes I have 2 kids and drank coffee, my kids are good to go .

    • BA BF says:

      I have 5, and I was ordered to have a strong cup of coffee every morning by my OB and neurologist. I suffer very severe migraines and can’t take my preventive meds when pregnant and nursing, and to reduce need of treatment meds, caffeine helps stop the blood vessels from getting over-dilated, which causes migraines.

    • Kate Weber says:

      MaryAnne Elliott same here. I drank a medium coffee every morning for 9 months and any problems my daughter has is genetic. I told the nurse and everyone else who scolded me for doing that would you rather i take Tylenol everyday to get rid of my headaches. When you drink it since 14 you get terrible headaches.

  13. kate mcCall says:

    I remember when I was pregnant,36 years ago, people telling me not to lift my arms over my head because it would cause the cord to wrap around the babies neck. Funny how things change!

  14. Gadi Venegas says:

    Jessica you and Tyler will do it great with that baby girl , because you LOVE each other!!! Enjoy your pregnancy.. It’s a God’s gift ❤

    • A R says:

      Gadi Venegas That woman knows. She is beaming. They are going to raise amazing kiddos. I had no idea they both sing. Where the heck have I been?

  15. Jessica A says:

    Candle trick from YWP: if your candle is burning uneven wrap it in aluminum foil. It helps redistribute the heat and will even it out

  16. Seevan Hawkins says:

    I need the matte Milani palette. Also, you should name the baby Aurora. 🙂

  17. Elise Nicole says:

    It’s hard to have a complication going on with your pregnancy and also still get people’s constant opinions and “advice”. I am high risk because I am rh negative and have produced antibodies that attack my baby. People seem to think the only reason you’re high risk is for preeclampsia or incompetent cervix( not downplaying those issues) and it’s hard to have to explain what’s going on.People think they can say anything to you, from caffeine intake, to what you eat, and even make comments about how your body looks. That’s when I pull out my sassy pants haha. I’m hoping I make it full term…I’m 31 weeks now

    • Elise Nicole says:

      A R Thanks! You lifted my spirits!

    • A R says:

      Elise Nicole I don’t know what happened. It copied a previous post when I was wanting to tell you to stay off that internet. It only shows the worst case scenario and that won’t be your experience. I am so thankful the internet wasn’t at my fingertips like it is now for people because I would have been a basket case with worry. Take one day at a time and I promise, your drs will take care of you and the little one. Just trust in them, yourself and you’ll both be good to go.❤

    • Kathleen Illustrated says:

      Praying for you and your sweet babe, Elise!

    • nashville kurd says:

      My baby had tested positive for spina bifida through numerous ultrasounds they found she didn’t have it she was okay. Then I developed severe preeclampsia out of nowhere, mind you I’ve been mostly very healthy my entire life no blood pressure issues, no smoking no alcohol in my life nothing, but my preeclampsia got super bad I was induced at 37 weeks. Once that all settled a couple days after she was born she had meningitis and was in the nicu over a month. Thankfully she’s alright now but it’s crazy and amazing how things develop and work in the end. Always feel like it’s a struggle but I’m learning to be more positive and I’m feeling blessed to have her. I had severe anxiety and felt depressed while she was in the nicu would always feel why my baby but I feel so blessed to have my miracle in my life. I pray for a safe pregnancy and a safe and healthy delivery of a healthy newborn.

    • A R says:

      nashville kurd I’m sorry you and little one went through that and I am so happy to hear everything turned out alright.
      Thankfully we have great medical care and that’s not typical, so don’t freak out hearing this if you are a new mom to be! We worry enough about everyone. No need thinking the worst. It won’t help you or baby, and more than likely won’t be your experience. Wishing you all new moms positive thoughts and healthy, happy, wonderful baby! It is the most amazing experience and a love you didn’t even know you were capable of until the time comes and you get to see/hear baby inside your belly THEN get to see them for the first time in person. You will just stare at them in utter disbelief and wonder. It makes anything and everything you went through so worth it.

  18. Miri _ says:

    I remember your first live chat. I was there! Love you ❤

  19. Allyson Sixx Costello says:

    Being pregnant for the first time is so incredibly special. Just the realization that there’s a little person behind that bump. 💚💜

  20. Allyson Sixx Costello says:

    Yes! The soy based candles seem to burn more “clean” and a little slower. I wish yankee candles were soy based.

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