Live Coverage of the 2016 Democratic National Convention

Live Coverage of the 2016 Democratic National Convention

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20 Responses

  1. Richard Dukard says:

    she lied for a year about her emails, rigged the Democratic primary, and
    still they pretend that she’s not a corrupt politician

  2. Dylan Stump says:

    Just shows Democrats are nothing but lying ignorant fools. I’m Republican
    and what you did to Bernie was just plain wrong, you say you are with the
    people. Well doesn’t look like it since you basically said fuck you
    American people we want Hillary, unlike the American people who wanted

  3. Thomas Hicks says:

    Im not a Democrat but if i was a Bernie supporter i would be pissed too.

  4. john smiths says:

    Raise corn! not taxes!

  5. Sizzling Death says:

    lol pander much?

  6. J Woods says:

    Hillary for prison

  7. Nikolas Brady says:

    That 3 minutes of cheering Bernie received is more applause Clinton has
    received during her entire campaign. This man is genuine and a gift to our
    country that we needed but apparently didnt think we deserved.

  8. pfcwar5150 says:

    What a bunch of loser assholes….fucking democrats…fucking idiots…fuck
    that criminal Hillary…she will never be president…never ever…..a war
    this country has never scene will come if this cunt gets in….and fuck
    this cunt warren…dumb cunt

  9. Guy Citron says:

    They’re talking way too much about Trump. It’s coming off as desperate.

  10. Dylan Madsen says:

    What does Demi Lovato singing “Confident” have to do with the Democratic
    Convention? Why was she even there?

  11. LATIN AMERICA says:

    LATINOS will decide these elections. Rest assured that whoever attacks
    Latinos will never be elected President. Imagine in the next 25 years.
    HILLARY is the choice! The “LATIN BEAT” will be heard in November.!!!

  12. Frikkin Crapper says:

    Absolute shitshow

  13. Basekitball says:

    Hillary is so fucked. Going from potential President to Orange jumpsuit.

  14. TheKijib says:



  15. traci purdy says:

    if you notice the comments the only people commenting are trump trolls
    doing what they do best, talk shit ??

  16. NaDa says:

    Wow they didn’t disable comments?

  17. csilightning says:

    I will never vote for Hillary after I found out what she did…… I can’t
    trust her!

  18. pfcwar5150 says:


  19. Travis Alsky says:

    Bernie or bust baby! Screw you lying Hillary!

  20. Abel Salinas says:

    The Dnc is a joke