LIVE: Global march for the climate held in Paris, despite ban on gatherings

LIVE: Global march for the climate held in Paris, despite ban on gatherings

The Global march for the climate is set to take place at the Place de la Republique in Paris on November 29, despite the ban on gatherings enforced by French authorities in light of Friday November 13 attacks.
Hundreds of thousands of people are due to march in 57 cities around the world ahead of UN climate change talks. World leaders have expressed hope for progress at Paris, after the majority of countries around the world submitted voluntary pledges and measures to reduce their own emissions ahead of this year’s talks, as opposed to the UN imposing top-down targets.

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16 Responses

  1. 1rauchfest says:

    Why don’t they let them eat some “green” cake?

  2. 1rauchfest says:

    Global warming is a hoax and a global extortion plan, does anyone really
    expect that any politician gives a fuck whether the planet is still here or
    not in a hundred?

  3. Senator .SmellyPants says:

    5:04:49 I can’t believe KCF went through all this trouble just to promote
    their bucket.

  4. lucas hawn says:

    now that’s fighting for your freedom. bombing the fuck out of civilians and
    blaming a religion for problems isn’t fighting for freedom common French
    people keep doing what your doing!

  5. Tylan LeDuff says:

    such a tragedy what happened in paris :(

  6. Bradley Scarbrough says:

    so hardcore. Defying the government, so they can march down the streets,
    demanding more government.

  7. Liz Bastuk says:

    iam liz zorro and iam coming to rescue you

  8. White Knight says:

    I hope the French can do what we in the U.S here can’t. If it wasn’t for
    Mudslime sympathizers and traitors, we would have wiped Islam off the map a
    long time ago. Here’s hoping come 2016 we get a President who actually
    wants what’s best for our country. Screw you, Clinton!

  9. Anton Nzl says:

    So the police have gone back to attacking and oppressing their civilians.

  10. Scott Mana says:

    All this to enact taxes that will do nothing for the climate and drain
    economies wholesale. Gotta love the conviction people can have for a cause.

  11. Philip Palim says:

    there are bigger problems in this world than the fuccing environment.

  12. PineApple Head xD says:

    So pineappples =( #PrayForParis

  13. T E X A S ModernVids says:

    All this shit happend today? Damn bruh

  14. niggger jim says:

    you all motherfuckers march about bullshit like climate change and how it’s
    destroying our planet, while the NWO are teaming with the illuminati to end
    humanity and bring us as slaves to the Shadow Masters. quit fucking around
    about shit like this and open your minds to the wider truths of the world
    you chimp ass fucking dildos. Don’t forget we never landed on the moon and
    Rand Paul will always have my vote if he’s the son of Ron Paul, is he he’s
    son? please respond with an answer.

    (*)*):::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::D~~~HEIL HITLER~~~

  15. Megan Fox says:


  16. mobspeak says:

    Fuck the government, they are not letting us protest man made climate
    change, we need everyone to pay a carbon tax, to the government so the
    government can stop us from protesting climate change.