LIVE: President Trump 2019 State of the Union Address & Democratic Response (C-SPAN)

LIVE: President Trump 2019 State of the Union Address & Democratic Response (C-SPAN)

President Trump delivers 2019 State of the Union Address before a Joint Session of Congress. Stacey Abrams delivers the Democratic Response.

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99 Responses

  1. Bo Peep says:

    Nancy literally couldn’t stop playing with her dentures and shuffling her papers

    • WEBMASTER GURU says:

      I know it made me feel ill?????

    • Brock Madigan says:

      She’s obsessed with lipstick on her 2 front teeth.

    • Marie Manuel says:

      +DIna Jackmofsky Ha!!! BOOYAH! You’re so right and Mad Max doesn’t even live in her South Central Gang infested, drug ridden neighborhood. She lives in Hancock Park, a wealthy area of Los Angeles.

    • Derek Wadas says:

      Bo Peep She was doing those two things more than listening to Trump

    • Curia Regis says:

      Trump isn’t the most articulate person but he is sensible enough, accomplished enough, to make some critical changes the country needs. Meanwhile our political class is full of moronic, overgrown children who mock or work against Trump- and they’re in both parties. People who are remarkably dull intellectually, often with shades of narcissistic personality disorder.

      Pelosi is accomplished at being elected, other than that she is a blithering moron. She is the “we need to pass the bill to know what’s in the bill” idiot. Her ideas for governance are shit. She is a shallow, deceptive person.

      Watching Pelosi draw attention to herself with the constant waving of those papers, so obviously unnecessary, made me want to punch that old hag in the face. She is one of many people in congress who make you think “how does such a fucking moron get so much power? She gets elected. That’s it. Holy shit, democracy can be dangerous.”

      Then you see the new crop of socialist, third world retards entering the political class and wonder if we haven’t already lost in the long run. If we aren’t a socialist shithole in twenty years it will be amazing. People will look back and marvel at how we obsessed about the virtue of multiculturalism and gender parity, as if these are some good in themselves, without even defending the ideas that made the USA great to begin with.

  2. Roger Dale says:

    Someone get Nance a toothpick…

    • emotionallycleansed1 says:

      Roger Dale No. some crazy glue for her dentures!

    • Christopher Grant says:

      Roger Dale A toothpick for what what is it you wouldn’t care what she does with her fucking mouth big deal? Are you a child what is it matter what someone does with her body

    • Christopher Grant says:

      emotionallycleansed1 how sure are you she wears dentures at the reading a lot of this but I’m not sure that’s why she’s doing that or even if it’s true can you view trolls back the stuff up or are you just sitting in Russia writing crap on the Internet?

    • Curia Regis says:

      Years before Nancy Pelosi took office the Russians replaced her normal brain with the brain of a retard. Their dastardly plan worked. Nimrod Nancy has been sabotaging our political system ever since. More recently the Russians secretly replaced her usual dentures with ill-fitting dentures. They didn’t need to, they just thought it would be funny.

      I’m with you, buddy, those Russians are assholes.

  3. John Lee says:

    Old fart sanders appeared to had shit his depends when the President said. Socialism will not provail

    • Judy Syrop says:

      In case you did not know a democratic socialist is much more progressive and definitely different from socialism.

    • Alex Bugay says:

      Judy, they are spreading socialism. Don’t be too naive.

    • Judy Syrop says:

      Plus, if you are part of our countries 1% only then being a democratic socialist would not benefit you.

    • Perry A says:

      Another good reason to remain seated.

    • jmarks881 says:

      Are you joking he doesn’t want the government to control the business and industry he just want to make sure people can get a basic standard of living you know something every other western country has and something China nor any of the shitty country s where people don’t want to live don’t have you know this “shit hole countrys” unlike those countrys he would prefer people to come from but they make sure their people are ok there so why would they want to come to this shit hole place where people like you cheer about the government keeping it a shithole

  4. Gator Bait says:

    About time we have a president with some balls, we’ll done Mr President!!

  5. Andrey Nazarchuk says:

    Excellent speech by President Donald Trump, God Bless America!!!!

    • Creative B. says:

      God would like to, but realizes Earth is headed for a planetary crisis in 12 years and that current American leadership is ignoring God’s warnings through the scientific community and will do nothing about it, so—meh.

    • Alex Bugay says:

      Creative B, you sound like the apocalypse guy. Stop scaring people. Climate change is here for good whether you like it or not. It is too late to so something about it.

    • happy viewer says:

      +colin m learn to spell….please.

    • 고등 지능 ODINS trash says:

      Creative B. Magic man

  6. Gela Ker says:

    American will NEVER become a SOCIALIST Country!!??

  7. Nelson Vargas says:

    Donald Trump’s wife look’s absolutely radiant .

  8. Bill Saucier says:

    Trump staring down AOC and Bernie Sanders saying “America will never be a socialist country” was the most epic jab of the night!

  9. Kurt Vonfricken says:

    I’m surprised none of the women in white didn’t bring dr. Christine blassy ford, but maybe she was afraid to fly from California or the house chamber didn’t doesn’t have enough escape doors….How quickly they’ve forgotten her.

    • Tina Aquinas says:

      @+Creative B. Yea! Including the $796K Ford got from Go Fund Me and the Thank you Plaque from the Palo Alto school where she works, or the speaking fees she gets from losers.

    • Christopher Grant says:

      Kurt Vonfricken Oh yeah they forgot her where is your evidence to prove that she scared to fly where is your evidence that proves that you make a lot of wild accusations about someone I don’t think you know and people that I don’t think you know so unless you have some evidence to back to step Oh yeah they Oh yeah they forgot her where is your evidence to prove that she scared to fly where is your evidence that proves it you make a lot of wild accusations about someone I don’t think you know and people that I don’t think you know so unless you have some evidence to back to Your BS up I suggest you keep it to yourself better than make yourself look ignorant

    • Kurt Vonfricken says:

      Christopher Grant
      I watched the confirmation hearings. She’s not afraid of flying. Her ex boyfriend confirmed the extra door was required by building code. The whole thing was a farce.

    • Beautiful Brown says:

      Chris Grant – Blasey Ford was the one who said she was scared to fly. She said thats why she dragged it out so long to finally come to the hearing, because she’s scared to fly, unless its for vacation.

    • A. G. says:

      I think trolls need to proof read their posts….

  10. astronato says:

    Wages are rising faster than inflation. Manufacturing jobs are on the increase. Trump is pushing back against globalism & China’s unfair economic practices. He is also scaling down Bush & Obama’s wars. It is no wonder that all of the democrats and half of the republicans despise him. He is undoing much of their “progress”.

    • marie williams says:

      Most need to go take an economics class and not a high school course….economy follows a pattern. If you google, and actually look at it. You will see it follows a set pattern. No president can actually take credit for that. It tends to take a 10 year trend…oh look that means we are probably close to it going down again. He can take some credit for wages, simply with alleviation of corps paying high taxes they then in turn have the option to give raises and in which a lot did. Some did not.

    • 고등 지능 ODINS trash says:

      CV did you Canada still has a asbestos economy and lies about its working conditions in Africa?

    • Dillon Hawkins says:

      +Angoche Island
      Its spelt the United States of America you dumbass. 70% of Americans are not racist so don’t generalize the whole country as the KKK.

    • Anthony Ramirez says:

      Um no, housing prices and rent rising faster than wages

    • jmarks881 says:

      You know what would make wages rise The minimum wage that douche promised fucking talking about a wall while people who work full time are still below the poverty level and can’t while the rent gets higher and the top one percent get way richer fuck you trumptards and shame on you for cheering on such a.mess that’s fucking over so.many hard working people who can even afford rent rather alone basic medical this is not a great time nor is this ass hole a great man for the working class

  11. Umberto Errechitto says:

    Nancy Pelosi just won the world championship for the longest smirk held in place by a human being ever while biting her tongue and fidgeting with papers.  One Hour Twenty-five minutes and four seconds.  She took the honors away from the Covington MAGA kids, beating their time by a whole hour.  Stacey Abrams gave a wonderful SOTU response but viewers were distracted by that ghastly gap between her front teeth. O that’s cruel!

    • S W says:

      She was disqualified for not being a human.

    • ADRIAN K says:

      Abrams is completely false…… with her story ‘my father used to walk home 30 miles from work, in the rain, shivering,,,, and along the way he gave his coat to a homeless person….. PLEASE…. more than a 6 hour walk!….
      sounds like a Monty Python sketch…. ‘Well we had it tough…..when I was a lad, we lived in a rolled up newspaper in the middle of the road, 150 of us!,,we had to get up half an hour before we went to bed,, drink half a cup of cold poison for breakfast, work 25 hours a day at the mill,, and pay the mill owner for the privilege of going to work…. and when we got home, our dad would slice us in two with the bread knife and dance on our graves singing hallelujah……. and you try telling that to young people today,,,,,,,,and they wont believe you!!….
      And what’s with the stupid false smile….. complete and utter fake!

    • Lisa Burns says:

      Nancy learned that smirk from the covenington kid. Lol

    • JayDaKidd says:


  12. Brian Longenecker says:

    I was hoping that Mad Max could sit next to Pence

  13. jamesteague33 says:

    Wall = millions of lost future votes for the Democrats

  14. I'm on the winning side says:

    I have no words to describe what I felt when Trump spoke of the sanctity of life- and those democrat females remained motionless.

    • Frances Wilson says:

      I’m on the winning side you are all hypocrites. The sansity of life? Where is it when you’re condoning mass shootings, police brutality on a grand scale, children being abused and sexually assaulted by foster parents. Children aging out of the system because they weren’t adopted? When you all support gun profits over human lives, when 21 babies were slaughtered worse than wild animals at Sandy Hook? Where were your outrage then? Your morals? This is what is wrong with this country and what will ultimately destroy it. Our lack of honesty, cherry picking causes to fight while ignoring everything else, our bigotry. Political party comes before human decency, dignity and fairness, heck, in our current political climate it even comes before country. And this is the example we are setting for our children. Good job, you should all pat yourselves on the back, smh. ?‍♀️

    • America The Beautiful says:

      First tRump has no idea what the sanctity of life even means, there’s absolutely no way possible he could he exceeds every trait/characteristic of being a narcissistic sociopath. Don’t believe me, go ahead look it up and see for yourself.
      Second the sanctity of life doesn’t start and end at birth, of coarse you would already know that if you wasn’t blinded by your pure ignorance.

    • A. G. says:

      I’m on the winning side – the Nazis were on the winning side until they weren’t….

    • A. G. says:

      +Proclaim the name of Jesus I can absolutely see that both the Klan and this group of women are wearing white… but I think the similarities stop there. Am I missing something?
      . . . The Klan violently advocated hate… are these women doing that?

    • Zav Dab 2.0 says:

      But we all know trump is just waiting for Ruth Ginsberg to die … Sanctity of life suurreee

  15. Teri Glidden says:

    Did anyone notice the Democrats didn’t clap when Trump cited how many people were able to get off food stamps? It makes sense though. Democrats need people dependent on government to thrive.

  16. Papa Dean says:

    Pelosi looks like the Dark Sith Lord Chancellor Palpatine mouthing silent insults with her lips every time Trump gets a standing ovation

  17. Chris Roth says:

    I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 but honestly this President has done more in 2 years than Obama and Bush did in 12, he has my and families support from Hawaii the most liberal state !

  18. Paul Phelps says:

    God has indeed blessed America.

  19. Uwhaatm8 says:

    Havent seen this many Democrats dressed in white since they started the KKK

    • Jacob Votava says:

      +Dogmeat1950 Yeah, the KKK wasn’t started by the Republicans, it’s stupid to say that. Just like it’s stupid to compare the current, liberal, democratic party, to the past, conservative democratic party. The platforms switched. Ignoring that fact makes you just as ignorant as the guy claiming Republicans started the KKK. Don’t ignore fact.

    • Thomas R. says:

      Jeeze Laweeze lol there’s that comment

    • SennnicTheHedge says:

      Skiidzman shut the fuck up, you fucking inbred

  20. Skiidzman says:

    Most of my friends went from Trump haters to Trump lovers. Gotta love it.

    • Xcuze says:

      cause presumably your friends are wankers like you. Like minds.

    • lineflyer1 says:

      David Dukes state of Union addressing Trump last night was much better

    • miguel medina says:

      Wow your friends must push overs lmao


      +southsidechick1able who that racist trump went golfing 1 time with tiger woods and all I said was that when Obama was president he went golfing all the time and know one card

    • Brian Barton says:

      jmarks881, Ewwww, a triggered little soy boy jmarks881. No doofus, I am a fan of people who win. You know, WINNERS. Since I am a winner, I like other people that are winners. It’s all about #WINNING ???????????????????

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