Liverpool v. Leicester City | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 1/30/19 | NBC Sports

Liverpool v. Leicester City | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 1/30/19 | NBC Sports

Check out the extended highlights between Liverpool and Leicester City during Premier League’s Matchweek 24. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #Liverpool #LeicesterCity
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Liverpool v. Leicester City | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 1/30/19 | NBC Sports

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64 Responses

  1. Lal Lian Zuala says:

    Too bad Salah didn’t get a chance to dive ???

    • Travis Scott says:

      He did fall under a challenge in the box but it wasn’t given

    • Adam Dustin says:

      Keita foul goes to show what happens when you don’t make a dramatic event over it, you don’t get the calls. Salah stayed on his feel last season and never got a PK call. You gotta embellish.

    • Wassa y says:

      +Adam Dustin don’t try to make excuses for Salah. Have you seen his flop against Crystal palace?? It was embarrassing since it was one of the only time a ref refused to give a pk for his dives??

    • Azarol Izxa says:

      Wassa y Because he definitely wanted a penalty when he talked to the ref afterwards…

  2. abdur200845 says:

    They didn’t lose like some team this week. ( Manchester city

  3. Dr. Complex says:

    Goddang it, imagine if I was old enough and rich enough to have the guts to put money on this match, that’s my ideal and predicted scoreline. Well, the title race is still in big favor of Liverpool, but thanks to resilient Leicester, not big enough to give Man City a big blow for this week.

  4. Jaeho Jang says:

    The ref needs to retire?

    • Ni Ni says:

      Main referee refused to award penalty kick to Liverpool when Leicester clearly committed a foul on Mané in the box. Game is rigged, it is that simple.

    • Wassa y says:

      +Ni Ni shut up. Liverpool have been favored by refs the whole season unlike city and you are bitching????

    • Rene Rosales says:

      Ni Ni if the games were rigged, wouldn’t Liverpool be the team that’s paying?

    • Jonathan Alejo says:

      +Wassa y So its okay to not award an obvious penalty just because you believe Liverpool have been favored more than M. City by the refs throughout the whole season? Lmao what a tool.

  5. Chris Hughes says:

    Thumbs down for NBCSN not showing the game.

  6. Bennie_and_a_jet says:

    Atkinson is a f$cking blind wanker!…. How can you be directly behind that tackle on Keïta and not give a penalty?

  7. Tomas Ashenafi says:

    Thought I was playing PES

  8. Band Эрос says:

    Referee made this game

  9. Anthony Hernandez says:

    Is that snow on the grass? It must be wild trying to shoot while also not missing the ball lmao

  10. samuel georgi says:


  11. Steven Gerrard says:

    Keita foul was a sure PK. Shame the ref didn’t have the balls to blow his whistle.

  12. Leon Micheal Gates says:

    This is why I love the premier league…Chelsea got demolished spurs won. Title and top four still wide open!!!

    • the bossness says:

      Leon Micheal Gates Well, quite literally no non top 6 team has a winning record and one, ONE has a positive goal differential.

      Stop acting like the premier league has parity what so ever, I mean look at American football, hockey, basketball, baseball. We Americans actually have something known as competitiveness. But I guess when your primary competitors are La Liga and the Bundesliga, I geuss anything looks like parity.

    • Azarol Izxa says:

      the bossness you Americans have something known as billionaire’s club money.

  13. Shelvin Swag says:

    Liverpool just had one job and they failed ?. What an advantage it would have been.

  14. Ally Lorenzo says:

    Let’s go Leicester. We need better results. Harry Maguire though!

  15. First Last says:

    better than losing however I believe this will make the team more focused.

  16. Leobardo Morales-ramirez says:

    Where is the moment where Liverpool fans said Maguire should have been sent off?

  17. ER Barnette says:

    6:30 that’s a pen

  18. ER Barnette says:

    7:09 who else thinks Henderson has top class passing

  19. rejeebush says:

    Klopp made couple mistakes, took off Firmino, Keita and Shaqiri all creative players. Lallana and Sturridge were useless.

  20. tennisblood says:

    Clear Penalty not given to Liverpool. Keita was definitely brought down. How could ref miss it? But overall, weak performance by Liverpool.

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