LOGAN TRAILER PARODY | King Bach, Logan Paul

LOGAN TRAILER PARODY | King Bach, Logan Paul

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Special Thanks to:
Logan Paul, Lamorne Morris, Steve Brown, Michael Berckart, Julian Smith, Josh Holt, Anthony Cook, Latisha Mais, Rodney Kelly, Candice Daniels Matt Boswell, Olamide Oladmeji, Thor Wixom, Chantal Filson, Caroline Darrieux, Luie Garcia, Tim, Teddy, Vic Winters, Yoshi Sudarsu, Bryan Marsh, Brandon Melendy, and Christina Bachelor
SNAPCHAT: kingbach

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20 Responses

  1. FlashQandR says:

    So it took a week for a 4 minute vid? ( This is not hate, this is realizing the hard work needed for success)

  2. Ren Salute says:

    Swear my boy KB waste no time dropping these parodies. Dope shit

  3. Paulos says:

    Been waiting on this since Logan’s Vlog #LOGANG4LIFE

  4. Shreyas Sreedhar says:

    okay I should watch Logan first then this parody cuz I didn’t understand shit ? sorry Bach will be back in 90 min or so ?

  5. kayla moreno says:

    The actual Logan movie made me cry

  6. Sheldon Richardson #420blazeit #beast #ripdatshit says:

    Logan and Professor X die

  7. Amir naruto Glaspy uzamaki says:

    I’m dead ??????????

  8. daddy's Lil monster says:

    the person that who steals is a girl

  9. LeonGamer says:

    this is better than the actual trailer?

  10. Jayde Taylor says:

    this trailer was better than the oringinal

  11. Terminology says:

    The quality of the parody’s is unreal.

  12. Arianna Lozano says:

    this is sooooo dope???

  13. Tino Nikolovski says:

    am i the only one who havent watched the movie yet?

  14. Kym Roque says:

    Who else have been waiting for this

  15. EisenbergFlavour says:


  16. MzGib PewMz says:

    What i like is that they copied the goddaanmn wolvarine

  17. Eligijus says:

    whean the full movie is cooming out???

  18. jayy __ says:

    is tht 33 savage

  19. Yll Sylejmani says:

    That editing tho 3:40-3:44

  20. Tristen Forrest says:

    How do they do those special affects?

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