Look What You Made Me Do: Taylor Mountain

Look What You Made Me Do: Taylor Mountain

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20 Responses

  1. iamdiam says:

    So the old Taylor is still alive??

  2. danbob521 says:

    Watch the original one and get it to 500 Million views beofre the end of the month!

  3. Jaquelyne Garcia says:

    1:37 is a possessed Taylor

  4. C.C. says:

    IDK why she suits the Geeky Taylor so much… like that’s the actual her. xD She’s so dorky when she talks. xDD

  5. The awesome swiftie says:

    Why this video is unavailable?

  6. Francine says:


  7. orangedazzle says:

    I love that she still introduces herself, “Hi guys! I’m Taylor.” I can’t imagine walking into any room, anywhere, and people knowing who you are, it would be so overwhelming. I love this video, I was wondering how they created that.

  8. Suzy Lux says:

    the video decides to go ahead and play LWYMMD in full after. fuck it.

  9. Jaselle Gurrola says:

    This music video is so iconic:

  10. Priyadarshini Manie says:

    Why is the video not available?

  11. Jasmine Williams says:


  12. Ryan Rushing says:

    5:52 what’s on her lip?

  13. apøørva says:

    “i was just checking”

  14. Carmilla says:

    Can we have a ‘GET OUT OF MY HOUSE’ ringtone though? Because I would buy that.

  15. Kara Marie says:

    wow wow wow no words, Taylor you’re hot fire flames 🔥

  16. Maria Andreea says:

    It’s not available for my country 🤔

  17. Phemi Lada says:

    Of course she didnt change! What did you think? Its all an act for the music sales and image. Its all a shit show, nobody changed.

  18. Madeline Arnold says:

    This song has no fuCKING MELODY

  19. Ad Vick says:

    She’s so cool and totally not a bitch, Katy Perry is the bitch.

  20. Vinh Chung says:

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