Los Angeles Lakers vs San Antonio Spurs Full Game Highlights | 10.27.2018, NBA Season

Los Angeles Lakers vs San Antonio Spurs Full Game Highlights | 10.27.2018, NBA Season

LA Lakers vs San Antonio Spurs Full Game Highlights | 10.27.2018

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93 Responses

  1. opi ip says:

    Last year playoffs Lebron has beat Demar Derozan with 4-0 in playoffs but now Derozan beat Lebron twice also Derozan average 30+ points against Lakers. Derozan has improving his skills and talent and his trade with Kawhi is a good choice too. Kawhi is a monster in the Raptors, but we just wait until playoffs if Lebron can beat Derozan again on playoffs or not

  2. G-Dub 85 says:

    L A = Lost Again 😂😂 (baseball too)…..Lebron made a business move and not a basketball move going there. He still look weird in that jersey……meanwhile Rondo must’ve been thinking bout the weed he smoked last night

  3. All timer says:

    😂😂😂😂😂 west ain’t no joke , fool is gonna get stressed and restart to lose that hair lmao

  4. wornoutshoes11 says:

    The lebron system at full display… If you dont hit the shot lebron assisted u… The team loses… Lol. Therefore, he did not lose the game…u did coz u miss the shot. Lol lebron never gets criticize lol smh he needs 4 ray allen as a teammate so he could play the lebron system at its best… Lol

    • super prankers says:

      That was like 5 years ago omg can you please stop and lebron carried them to the finals and put them in that position so that three wouldn’t have mattered if it wasn’t for lebron salty spurs fans omg

    • Ben Daulton says:

      +imaMickeysman Yes, because LBJ needs actual superstar DNA to win. That’s why Kyrie left after he woke to LBJ milking him.

    • Ben Daulton says:

      +Clausell Williams Also LBJ fans are at best fry cooks. Just read the comments and start drooling from loosing brain cells over comments irradiating with stupidity.
      Also remember one thing MJ faced the glove
      LBJ faced a white board and lost that match up also.

    • john_blaze39 says:

      I don’t understand what you’re criticizing exactly…lebron is like KD or curry…he IS the “system”. These guys get doubled and even tripled as soon as they cross half court. KD scores anyways with that unguardable jumper, curry will create space with his handles, and lebron uses his insane strength and athleticism to blow by everyone. If he sees a wide open shooter, lebron will feed them with a precision pass. That’s a bad thing? Make it or miss it, it’s a higher percentage shot than taking on 4 players in the paint

    • john_blaze39 says:

      +Clausell Williams that’s because you’re biased against lebron, like many who watched MJ growing up. You’re only picking and choosing numbers which suit your point. Please let me remind you of the days when MJ was getting swept in round 1. Lebron has never even lost in round 1, nevermind swept. And coming back to literally the worst team in the NBA and within 2 years (would’ve been 1 year if not for irving and love’s injuries), turning them into champions over the 73 win warriors in the greatest finals comeback in NBA history counts for nothing? Wow

  5. Gavin Hung says:

    Pau Gasol 2 put back dunk!!!! OMG

  6. Gavin Hung says:

    The problem playing basketball with lebron : if u win, Mighty Lebron!! if u lose, u are another JR…

    • lek lek says:

      +Uaintdoingitlikeliltay so what else then? Lebron is the best player right now & should never be blame on the lakers 2-4 record right?

    • Tre Saves Lives says:

      Gavin Hung I mean he did have 35🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Darryl Wallace says:

      @Gavin Hung that’s not true. People to this day give D-Wade props for stepping aside and allowing him to lead in Miami, and people
      still give Ray Allen props for knocking down that crucial three pointer in game 6 against the Spurs.

    • Bron DaGoat says:

      Nigga shut up you literally heard no one say this after the game except your dumbass

    • Xanninja says:

      +Mike Lopez
      – you said ‘nobody wants to play with him’. Then stupid spic said “waiting for LANCE to pull HIS card”.
      didnt Lance sign with the Lakers after LBJ? SO did McGee Rondo etc., lmg though, they signed there despite LeBron being there. “Nobody wants to play with him”. You just disproved that yourself. Lol fucking spic, nothing but fucking retarded people come up with this stuff, to hate on leBron james. why would Lance “PULL HIS CARD” when you just said the fans and media blame ‘the help’. Fucking spic stay away from the Lakers, you literally making up excuses to pass hate on this team and LeBron lmfao. You made all this up contradicted yourself and stil lgot 15 likes, when haters gonna stop making a mockery of them self to trry and hate this nigga Lol pathetic.

  7. The Godfather says:

    Spurs owning LeBron as usual

  8. Srikanth Venkat says:

    Very mature basketball from the Spurs! Welcome to the western conference lebron…

    • LuckyLeo94 says:

      Fried Ravioli , Exactly , Once LeBron left the east now they look dominant… the west gone be in for a rude awakening when “Playoff LeBron” show up

    • DragoN 3 PG says:

      Actually east is looking better and better right now. Thought west is stronger than the east for ages now. Of course stronger on average. There were Celtics (Pierce, Allen, Garnet,etc.) superteam and Heat(LeBron, Wade, Bosh etc.) superteam on the east,that were champions of the league and among the best rated teams in the league.

    • Shay Butta says:

      +LuckyLeo94 Playoff Lebron? Lakers wont make the playoffs

    • LuckyLeo94 says:

      Shay Butta , you drunk if you think that 🍺

    • David H says:

      +LuckyLeo94 “dominant”..as in now last year’s second placers..are now first…wow

  9. Jerry Lee says:

    Stop blaming the coach, blame the damn players that’s getting paid millions and cant even execute the plays.

    • PedroMendes25CC says:

      But it was poor coaching that led to that farce at the end. If you’re down by 3 why use your last time out knowing you’re just going to give it to LeBron anyway? And if you need a 3 it would help if you had guys that could shoot a 3 on the court. Not saying you’re completely wrong, just that the coaching ultimately could’ve changed the outcome.

    • Reese Sevyn says:

      They can’t help it, anytime lebron fanbase comes to your team its always the coaches fault

    • Lakers Rise says:

      Lonzo plays well when he knows he the lead. The Lakers took Lonzo out 6 minutes after the 1st period. That’s not a good sign for Zo when they substituted Rondo. The Lakers will have to choose whether they want Rondo or Lonzo leading the team as the point guard. Give Lonzo to Pops if they don’t want him. No matter Rondo’s better stats in games he has played, he is 0-3 in games played. It was practically the same in the preseason where Zo was given the lead in the 2 Warrior wins where Zo controlled the pace of the game. How come Lonzo led the Lakers to 2 wins over the Spurs last year and we can’t win with Lebron and Rondo?

    • Chris Calam says:

      Lakers Rise because the spurs didn’t have kawhi playing last year and this year they have derozan. Spurs are a different teams when they STAR players are ACTUALLY PLAYING

    • Snooky Co says:

      +Ian Sharp Its not the refs its LBJ playing hero ball and always choking in the end.

  10. sallak says:

    people talk about lebron and all but i guess they didnt watch the game or didnt look up any stats
    all starters beside lebron have trash stats and look at the efficiency the team has => 0
    so how is leborn suppose to win in this environment when he delivers the points with high %FG and only played 34 minutes. guess what if he could he would try hard and go for 40 minutes but for what the season is 82 games no need to ball hard when u can leave it to the youngsters, they just need to be more efficient when he rests, like stephenson, he is pumped and leading the team when lebron is benched which is good. you can hate lebron as much as you do or get salty as much as u want, you cant deny his greatness and bringing back the much needed heat to the lakers. he aint kobe and kobe aint lebron so stop comparing stupid shit. when the time is right leboron will lead this team to the deserved success and then u haters have no shit to talk 🙂

  11. Selina Joseph says:

    People thought the Spurs won’t be good they replaced Kawhi with Derozan? They made the playoffs without Kawhi lol

  12. Pat L says:

    You can’t spell lebron without 3-6

  13. Cubby Dog says:

    I’m starting to get used to Demar and Kawhi’s new jerseys because they both play great game to their new team.

  14. K Spree says:

    Stop putting lebron on thumbnail when he loses the game should be posting spurs ballin on him

  15. Itachi8179 says:

    Dafuq you put james in the thumbnail if the lakers lose

  16. Alfred Pasly says:

    Showtime 2.0,is 0-2 vs the Spurs.Lakers fans will be saying “Well wait till we get them in the Playoffs.”

  17. logical guy says:

    Demar has started the Spurs career on fire! And Pau gasol is still lit.. Go spurs go

  18. b7major says:

    The Lakers might be planning to start off as 3-6 to pay homage to LeBron’s finals record 🤔

  19. joona says:

    Dont know why but i feel like Derozan has allways been spurs and Kawhi allways raptor.

  20. VergauwenM says:

    the West feels like nonstop playoff games right now !!

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