Lost a Friend

Lost a Friend

Cyndago’s post: https://www.facebook.com/Cyndago/posts/744142055713238
My post: https://www.facebook.com/markiplier/posts/967278186671819

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20 Responses

  1. Dante Jones says:

    we will miss Daniel Kyre :,(

  2. Ultra Truue says:

    im so sorry mark and the sindigo guys and thank you people for supporting
    mark and the guys also i wish i could help but i really cant do any thing
    but say hope every thing gets better, im so sorry for you losses


    sorry dude know how you feel

  4. jorge ramirez says:

    Mark its ok I’m sorry that your sad take all the time you guys need to
    recover from this we can and will be patient

  5. Joshua Moody says:

    Grieve Mark, take your time.

  6. BijutsuYoukai says:

    Take all the time you need, Mark, no one blames you for needing time to
    recover from something so heartbreaking. It’s never easy to lose someone
    close to you and while I know only time and your own tenacity can soften
    the wound, I wish you the best and the strength to get through it. I look
    forward to when your videos return and will wait patiently until then.

  7. Gavin Stierstorfer says:

    Sorry for the loss mark fell better

  8. haylee Rae says:

    Take your time Markimoo. I’ll be here no matter what. We’re all here for
    you. The subs that leave during this clearly don’t understand — in any way
    shape or form — what you’re going through.

  9. Ohgr81 says:

    Why the 2K unlikes? people need to show respect. I hope you can get through
    this, and we will always support you. Get well

  10. Drdoom409 gaming says:

    stay positive

  11. RandomZombie says:

    we all understand, take as much time as you need, and we will still be here
    we luv’s you

  12. matthew turcina says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss

  13. nameless one says:

    Mark, please take your time. You need time to grieve, when you are ready
    we’ll be waiting.

  14. angel choking on her halo says:

    I cannot relate closely to what you’re going through, but I can very
    slightly. I’ve had to stop a friend from attempting suicide. She literally
    had the pills with her and was going to take them, but I was able to help
    her and convince her to give life a second chance. I know how scary it can
    be when you find a friend attempting to take their own life. I know how sad
    it is when someone close to you passes on. I’m sure we can all relate.

    But, this isn’t meant to be some sad comment of “I know what you’re going
    through.” This is a comment to let you know that we are here for you. We
    can help you. Daniel obviously meant a lot to you and it was probably a
    huge shock to find he had tried to take his life, as you guys seemed so
    close, as close as brothers. I am sorry for your loss. Daniel was loved and
    respected very, very much. He will be missed dearly, and I hope you don’t
    just forget about him. I know you may want to, that his memory may be too
    much to remember, but always think of him and the good things he’s done.
    Remember the great times, the laughs, the good feelings.

    We are here for you to help you and Ryan and Matt and Daniel’s family, to
    help them get through this, but to not forget it. We love you all very,
    very, very much and we wish you all hope and peace.


  15. jillian davis says:

    its ok mark we cry with you……..all the time
    your friend daniel he probably went to heven
    and he is i a better place…..mark…

  16. Sgt.Boris says:

    To all those thjat disliked the video, What the HELL were you thinking?
    Just because this video isn’t something you want to see on his channel, or
    you’re mad that he missed days in uploading, or you’re just being a dick
    because you’re hidden behind a computer screen hundreds of mile away, DOES
    NOT make it ok to respond negatively to this type of thing, Mark is going
    through some grief right now, and all 2,461 of you disliking this video is
    not funny in any way, and probably makes Mark mad that you guys dont
    understand this situation.

  17. Elliot the Fox (Nobody) says:

    Bless your heart(s) Mark and friends and family of Daniel. 

  18. Infinity ArcticWolf says:

    Markilper I’m sorry for your lost and other friend of Daniel so take your

  19. Ms. Simon says:

    The video made me unhappy. *Very* unhappy, but you know what’s worse? The
    fact this video has 2,461+ *dislikes*. That means 2,461+ people who *don’t
    give a shit*. That made me start to cry. Who knows, some of those people
    could be *happy* about this video. That’s fucking disgusting. I hate

  20. Shannon Quinn says:

    Mark , im so sorry to hear about your close friend Daniel. He was such a
    great funny guy , my heart goes out to his families and friends and many
    others on youtube. He will be missed for his talent and his joy. such a sad
    time #RIPDaniel