Lost ‘Star Wars’ Footage Of Luke Skywalker At The Cantina

Lost ‘Star Wars’ Footage Of Luke Skywalker At The Cantina

Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) tries to get past Randy (Stephen Colbert), the keeper of the guest list at the Mos Eisley Cantina.

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28 Responses

  1. Frosty1979 says:

    Is this canon?

  2. Michelle Madsen says:

    How can he (Steven) be so funny👏😃👏😄

  3. John Smith says:

    if “last jedi” is another remake, i am going to lose my shit and shit my pants and then jump off 3 steps on my stairs.

  4. Ebi Tahassoni says:

    That ending! Is Mark alluding to Luke’s transition to the Dark Side in the Last Jedi?

  5. jabber jay says:

    look i never told anybody this, but when i was younger i briefly had an affair with Doikk Na’ts…. see that he’s holding there? promise you thats not a flute. nope, but the man could play it.

  6. Myra Rolston says:

    Ah yes cameo by Stephen’s ex…

  7. Dead Inside says:

    You will let me into the cantina,… Nooooo I wont,.. lmao!

  8. Dead Inside says:

    He’s witht he band,. I hope they play my favorite song,.. boop beep boop beeep booodoop booooo booobeedoop beee doop boooopboo,.. HAHAHHAAHH

  9. Barking Spider says:

    Look at the ports on that old laptop!

  10. YodatheHobbit says:

    Luke didn’t blow up the second Death Star.

  11. tjos retro gamin427 says:

    I wonder why he shaved the beard… I wonder if he dies in the next movie.

  12. gavsky23 says:

    Audiences really annoy me: yes, it’s Mark Hamill, so enthusiastic applause and cheers are obligatory. But, you can see the poor guy is trying to deliver his lines and yet you keep hollering and stopping him. Shut-up! Save it for the end.

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    • Bakers Field says:

      Shut your fucking mouth.

  13. Dan Cirino says:

    Sorry Colbert made Mark Hamill appear in a cringeworthy skit…not his fault.

  14. Evan Putzier says:

    Anyone notice that Steven had a pig’s nose?

  15. Tom J says:

    Put this skit with the Star Wars Christmas Special…ugh.

  16. sherman1ai says:

    I close my eyes and I all I hear is Joker

  17. A. Volt says:

    Oh my god, that was almost as hacky as the Christmas special.

  18. Zeek Leon says:

    Why did they have to diss the prequels?

    • Feodosiia Storozhuka says:

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  19. Glorious Mustache says:

    Suddenly people learned about the Star Wars Christmas Special and they throw it around to feel like they “know their Star Wars shit”. Fucking nerds. This is just a sketch. Not EVEN CLOSE to be as bad as that disastrous special. Don’t be motherfucking ridiculous!

  20. Thealexsus says:

    Luke blew up the Death Star once, not twice.

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