LS Fest LAS VEGAS Day 2: Leroy Releases all the BALD EAGLES on the Dyno!

LS Fest LAS VEGAS Day 2: Leroy Releases all the BALD EAGLES on the Dyno!

On the quest for boggin deep, a few people tried to get in Leroy’s way… good thing Holley Performance hosts a dyno challenge!
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56 Responses

  1. Moves Like Joey says:

    LS Fest should find a new venue. Sounds like Vegas has too many people in the officials pockets

  2. Leviathan 5.0 says:

    It’s probably politics. The track and it’s investors/sponsors probably has a vested interest in another car. He must not realize, due to your fan base, that this is going to reflect poorly on the track

  3. Ken Willis says:

    Big respect for admitting you need the right certs! Don’t think it would matter but still love your integrity and positive outlook.

    • Steve Reid says:

      Admitting what?? The new rule they made up this time but did not mention last time? Don’t just follow rules because they are rules. The rules have to make sense and be consistent. That tracks rules change more than Cletus changes his underwear.

    • YZFoFittie says:

      +Steve Reid new rule? LMFAO You got no idea WTF you are yakking about…

    • The Gaming Trucker says:

      He has a 8.50 cert setup when he was pushing into the low eights. Cant run outside your safety standards

    • wobbly sauce says:

      And in the 7s, faster you go the quicker things happen.
      The regs are the rules and if you do not pass you do not pass the start line… that has been built up from years of previous experience and crashes.

      A number of people have pushed the 1 and done… but if something happens at the track and you are found to be lacking the Lawyers will have a feast with it.

  4. Cleetus McFarland says:

    Guys don’t worry too much. Leroy’s a savage, these things happen. We will make sure it doesn’t happen in the future. For the record this is NOT LSFest’s fault. The track admins are who DQ’d the man.

    • GMC Jimmy says:

      What a shit hole If I was you I wouldn’t bring them anymore business.

    • Nstg8a says:

      Michael Wynne because his cars certed to 8.5… so once he ran quicker hes not certed hence the dq. It’s not rocket science.

    • michael lehner says:

      +brandon sutton last years boot was legit. This years is bs.

    • Jesse Dias says:

      Why not just find someone local to weld in the dash bar?

    • Eddie Rohrer says:

      +Hc11 1984 Don the snake and Tom the mongoose where great, I was only 6 or 7 when my dad took me to Inese motor speedway in TX to watch the mongoose run his 57 Belair funny car and a 6 car field of pro mod guys. Sticks out to me because I love the 57 and to see one run with a top fuel motor was the biggest deal to me at 6 or 7 years old

  5. Levon Dobadzhyan says:

    LMFAOOOOOOOOO “let’s DQ the fastest car at the event and ruin their entire trip along with their fans”

    • SnifferSock says:

      +wobbly sauce except he already did passed the start line… hard to be the #1 qualifier if you haven’t been down the track lol.

    • Jesse Dias says:

      +Wayne Bollentin well said brother

    • Wayne Bollentin says:

      +Some Name your a fool if you think that car is legal to 7.50s regardless of the firewall. I’ve owned cars with certifications all the way to 6.00s. I worked at a chassis shop. I’m not some moron that gets all their info from the internet. If you didn’t have a comprehension problem you would have understood I said it’s more then just the dash bar. Also his car is missing many other parts a normal car would have giving it extra support. This car should have the dash bar. To go 7.50s you need floor bars also and gussets in many places on top of everything else. Bottom line the car isn’t legal to go faster then 8.50s anyway you look at it.

    • Wayne Bollentin says:

      +Jesse Dias bro I don’t get how so many people can become so delusional over someone they like getting DQ for something anyone else would in the same situation. It’s not a conspiracy against them. Been apart of this channel before Leroy but wrong is wrong. If the other tracks actually did what their suppose to he would have failed long ago. The rules have been their for 20+ years on these types of cars. They keep updating every years. It’s the racers job to know what they need.

  6. Joe Conrad says:

    Guess I just won’t spend money at Las Vegas Speedway again ?‍♂️

    • [SAW]Spitfire says:

      Money is the only thing that talks in Vegas, that’ll get em thinking

    • Matt Brooks says:

      Joe Conrad and that’s why the tracks are disappearing. Absolutely ridiculous tech that 90% of racers can’t pass. He just passed tech the day before did he not?

    • 1987FX16 says:

      I mean really though. They must like negative publicity and not having customers. All the crime and drugs in Las Vegas and their worried about a dash bar. SMH Bullmess is what it is.

    • BraaapAttack says:

      You can thank the track owner bruton Smith, he’s running all the Motorsports into the ground

    • RL RL says:

      +Fluffy Busch Left a nasty one too. I’ve raced for 30 years and hear nothing good about LVMS. And NHRA is wondering why fan participation is down?

  7. Steve Reid says:

    Power trippy track officials need to back the hell off. The guy that keeps screwing you should be replaced.

  8. Ieatpeople365 says:

    cooper was streaking on the strip? Bogetti unrolled his spaghetti?

  9. fast50s91 says:

    Seems like the second place qualifier is blowing someone lol

  10. Stovall's Garage says:

    Track officials: Hellnaaaw brother.

  11. Jackson James says:

    Y’all should have a Cleetus and Cars in Texas the same weekend as LS Fest West next year. Bet Cleet has a bigger crowd.

    • Jackson James says:

      +Nstg8a That is a good point

    • Larry Sharpe says:

      Excellent idea!!!!

    • Jmhm17 says:

      +Nstg8a no but LSfest should be boycotted at Vegas going forward

    • Nstg8a says:

      Jmhm17 maybe if there was no actual rule broken. But even Cletus admitted it, they don’t meet the tech rules to be running that fast. Can’t piss and moan when they are actually in the wrong. Boycotting lsfest hurts lsfest when they’ve done nothing wrong.
      Vegas is strict on their rules, read through the comments, it’s pretty well covered by plenty of people.
      Yes it sucks, but that’s life. You wanna
      Lay on someone else’s field you play by their rules.

    • 1987FX16 says:

      +Nstg8a*Crooked rules.

  12. Noah Grace says:

    Ordered a sticker from fasterproms and got a connecting rod piece from the s10 ? love you guys

  13. pleasedontsubscribe1 says:

    You should have a dyno competition during the next cleetus and cars ???

  14. Jono Noonan says:

    James has never made so many full track passes until Ruby


    When the track official has a buddy racing the stick shift class…..

  16. Murky says:

    Next year they will find another issue. If they really were doing their job they would have let you know all the issues last year. Sounds more like a spoiled child talked to mommy and daddy and they found a reason to DQ you. Shady buisness.

  17. Texas Jack says:

    Let’s go to the Google webpage of Las Vegas Motor Speedway and tell them how we feel. A hundred thousand dislikes might get their attention.

  18. Von Hassen says:

    How can we get into contact with the track admins? there are *1.4 million people* who I’m sure would love to give them a call 🙂

  19. mtlpm says:

    Vegas motor speedway rating 4.6 right now let’s bring it wayyyy down !!! Let’s show the power of DO IT FOR DALE

    • Richard Head says:

      +Calvin Wilks Someone was cock blocking him, it’s obvious. Tech is who permits you to run or not, they decide if you pass, he passed. Tech said let him run an 8.5 class, someone just didn’t want him to run. I’m sure the track received a nice donation for their “extensive safety watch”.

    • Calvin Wilks says:

      +Richard Head So let Cleetus leave a review of his experience. Google is fully aware of review bombing. They’ll look over all of the errant ones and remove them.

    • mtlpm says:

      @Calvin Wilks Once again very valid argument but might bring to attention the corrupt official. Safety is #1 but they should have dealt with it at tech like the previous year where it was delt with it from the beginning

    • Richard Head says:

      +Calvin Wilks If you don’t want to participate then don’t. It’s pretty simple.

    • TheTyisAwesome says:

      1 star from me, I’m truly disappointed by this situation

  20. ParadigmUnkn0wn says:

    For those interested:
    Jeff Foster
    Director of Drag Racing Operations

    Chris Powell
    President and General Manager

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