Lucas Etter – 4.90 Official Rubik’s Cube World Record

Lucas Etter – 4.90 Official Rubik’s Cube World Record

Really awesome solve! Done at River Hill Fall 2015 in Clarksville, Maryland.

Cube: Aolong v2 –

Thanks to for their sponsorship.

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19 Responses

  1. Max says:

    *How to keep safe your virginity in 4.9 seconds*

  2. KongofPip says:

    The blind kid with no hands who did it in 4.91, tried to shoot himself.

  3. musicuber 279 says:

    Congrats, Lucas!!!!

  4. green14243 says:

    i love yo guy

  5. bluestartrider says:


  6. Katie Newmeyer says:

    Any reason in particular there’s a gay flag at 0:46 indoctrinating

  7. CriticalCubing says:

    Now comes a revolution in cubing history.
    A single color, white only solver snatches the WR from people who were
    color neutral
    Wohoooo 😀 😀 😀 Congratulations Lucas!

  8. Γιωργος Τραντ says:

    Well It took me three months

  9. BananaSlayer64 says:

    Wow, this is insane! Amazing solve Lucas!

  10. Sparsh Ailawadi says:

    Congrats man, this is amaaaaaazing

  11. Roo Kanga says:

    Wow! congratulations!

  12. Speedysolver Rubicuber says:

    Congrats Luckas it should be a sub5

  13. HingleMcCringle says:


  14. Jamie Goddard says:

    Where are the Slow mo guys when you need them?

  15. Just Cube It Aqeel Bhat says:

    I feel bad for Keaton

  16. RelyingScarab . says:

    Congrats Lucas

  17. stocchinet says:

    Next time solve it in 4.20

  18. anotheryoma says:

    And suddenly Lucas’s time in the witness protection program had ended. Good
    job camera guy

  19. SooperBeez says:

    wtf was that fat kid trying to jump and hump him?