Lucas The Spider – One Man Band

Lucas The Spider – One Man Band

If Lucas can become the world’s most musical spider, then anything is possible!

This marks the 10th episode of Lucas the Spider! None of this would have been possible without the love and support from all you watching. So from the bottom of my heart, I thank you!!!

Now on to the next 10 episodes!

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37 Responses

  1. Justin Tucker says:

    Mission accomplished, Lucas has indeed become the world’s most musical spider.

    • Curtis Jensen says:

      Right above Muffett from Undertale.

    • FlareCano 425 says:

      +Curtis Jensen right when I thought I escaped from undertale I get dragged straight back down to hell… Why do people keep referencing it? Muffet wasn’t even a musical spider.

    • Curtis Jensen says:

      FlareCano 425 ??? I just referenced the spider, what’s the big problem?

    • White Tanook says:

      +Curtis Jensen, there probably only saying that cause they got sucked in to the fandom and have been to Heck and back are trying to escape all the peploe who are still in the fandom

  2. Mr.Demon Gamer says:

    Lucas is LEGENDARY!!! And he really is the WORLDS most musical SPIDER!! 😍

  3. says:

    This cured my depression and arachnophobia

  4. Billy K says:

    As much as I love Lucas, I’d have a panic attack if I saw a spider playing a violin

  5. NikiPlayer says:

    The cutest spider ever! Look at his eyes

  6. invader516 says:

    There was peace among the land until the lizard kingdom attacked. Only the avatar the master of playing instruments can bring peace to the land. Then one day he just disapeared. Couple years later. We found the new avatar . A spider named Lucas. I believe Lucas can bring peace among the nations with his music.

    – Last air bender reference. XD

  7. Y Rose says:

    This symphony would be my mobile’s ringtone🌈✨
    ✨Hope to be an international band ,,go on✨🌹β™₯️

  8. LorAgator :D says:

    i imagines a spider playing a saxophone playing careless whisper

    but this is cool too πŸ˜‚

  9. msrjjon says:

    Did Lucas go to Julliard? When is the tour? I want tickets!

  10. Lan007 says:

    When a spider can play more musical instruments than you

  11. Colten says:

    He played a song with the world’s smallest violin. Nice.

  12. mike- rayner-videos says:

    OMG!… He’s So Talented ❀️ 🎢 🐦 .. wonderful performance my sweet little friend :)… standing ovationπŸ’

  13. Thunder sky Stables says:

    LOL If he’s on tour I want tickets!

  14. Lytbringr says:

    He finally became ‘The World’s Most Musical Spider”! My wife is so happy!

  15. Grace Walia says:

    Does anybody else find it so freaking cute the way he closes his eyes when he’s really feeling the music? ITS TOO ADORABLE

  16. zaydenmYT says:

    Logan Paul: I can create better music than you!

    Lucas: Hold my beer.

  17. Sunshine Howlers says:

    Violin or Viola..? I love them both(wish there was a cello cough)and harp is my FAVORITE. Cute as always

  18. Sir SpaceCow says:

    I have a theory, this is the theme song for a new Lucas the spider tv show, if you listen to the end of the song that exact part is in another video called “Musical Spider” (I think that’s the name) he says “My Name Is Lucas I Am A Spider” And It Would Make Sense For That To Be At THE END Of The Opening. Boom that’s my theory

  19. SPEx & PanEDMic says:

    Sounds like the perfect intro song if Lucas the Spider is an animated TV series

  20. SeΓ±or Lechuga says:

    Imagine getting in your house and you see this. What you do?

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