Lucas The Spider – Where Did It Go?

Lucas The Spider – Where Did It Go?

Where could the egg have possibly gone? I’m sure Lucas and his friend will get to the bottom of it!

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43 Responses

  1. PawTube :3 says:

    Lucas: Boop
    Only one word can describe Lucas…..

    And it’s boop.
    Edit: Thanks for the 1.2K likes! I really appreciate it!

  2. Maira Vlogs says:

    Friends: What do you watch that makes you happy?
    Me: Lucas the spider!
    Friends: (°_°) Lucas..?

  3. thicc boi says:

    It’s so nice to see Lucas after seeing YouTube Rewind 2018. He didn’t deserve to be in such a bad video.

  4. Lou Somers says:


    Lucas: Being the cutest thing on Earth

  5. Ethanotor Oculus says:

    God, I love biological personifications so much.

  6. Dolphin Puppet says:

    Chihuahua: I’m the cutest thing alive
    Lucas: hold my web

  7. The Purple Hawk says:

    _I probably got way to excited when I saw this notification…_

  8. R143 Siemens #8288 says:

    This reminds me of when SpongeBob and Patrick were scared of wormy

  9. Mia Brunette says:

    “My name is Lucas and I am a spider”
    My heart: ^-^

  10. a piece of shipping trash says:

    when you commit so many sins and are a genuinely bad person but you see lucas the spider:

    *_humanity restored_*

  11. King Viper says:

    *_*Epic Music_**

    _Flying Weird Looking Bird will return in the Avengers_

  12. Toobaha Tsinnijinnie says:


    WiErD BiRb
    Uses wings

    Lucas fled!

  13. Naya says:

    Someone: “Endgame is the greatest cinematic masterpiece”

    Me: *shows them this video*

  14. Sir Wabutan VX says:

    Lucas: (plays song)
    Atlas moth: “I AM BATMAN”

  15. SAK- SOON says:

    This is it. I can finish the day peacefully.

  16. jankesjt says:

    Me : its so cute

  17. Hm p says:

    is this supposed to be a “kids” show
    cuz i’ve watched every single episode of it

  18. Dimitri Maya says:

    Lucas sings

    Weird looking bird: Boo

    Lucas and buzz buzz: Ahhhh!!!

  19. Samuel O says:

    Fly: “I think it’s a bird.”

    suddenly Mothra

  20. K1j2cat says:

    That’d be my reaction if I saw an Atlas moth, yes-siree-bob!

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