Luke Combs – One Number Away

Luke Combs – One Number Away

Luke Combs “One Number Away” from his debut album This One’s For You available now

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22 Responses

  1. Rachael Gibson says:

    Beautiful song! Meaningful message too. First time I heard it,and I loved it!

  2. Bigman0422 says:

    It’s so cool that this was filmed in my home town of Forest City, NC!

  3. austin Vannoy says:

    Here before 50,000!

  4. Deanna Craig says:

    Such a powerful Video…Luke Combs is one of the best singers out now

  5. Haylie Baker says:

    Video and song go soo good together!

  6. Taylor Higgins says:

    Wow what an awesome music video!! Can’t wait to see you on Friday in Nashville!!!

  7. Eric Shellhouse says:

    Here before 100k witnessing the next historical country artist!

  8. TheTylerJones says:

    That is amazing

  9. Aleea Richardson says:

    In love with the song. Video gave me hella goosebumps. So happy for you❤

  10. aarongarcia40 says:

    😦😦does this mean part 2 will be “used to you “ please tell me I’m not the only one thinking this

  11. Zoldiez says:

    One of the best country artist out today!!

  12. Serious.Skids says:

    Does she make it? Do they rekindle? Go damn worst than a Hollywood love movie. Gotta love country music actually has a good video story.

  13. goindians134e says:

    well that was kick to the gut…

  14. Jenny Garza says:

    What tf Luke Combs 😐

  15. Leslie Bueno says:

    Love this song!! But wow..What a cliffhanger 🙁

  16. Samantha Joseph says:

    My favorite song of his! Man I love you!

  17. Sallirose M says:

    This is my favorite song from the album!!! Love it!! The video fits the story of the song so well! Nice job Luke!

  18. Jorge Franco says:

    Oh man this song hit me so hard from the first time I’ve ever heard it now the video just breaks my heart!

  19. Jake All Over aka Just Jake says:

    I love this song, so I remixed it 🙂

  20. Katy Little says:

    This is my favourite off the Album 💙

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