Lying on a $150K Bed Made of Horse Hair

Lying on a $150K Bed Made of Horse Hair

In this scene from MOST EXPENSIVEST, 2 Chainz tries out the most expensive bed: the $150,000 Hästens mattress from Sweden.

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42 Responses

  1. Makeup 987654321 says:

    This bed could pay off my student loans and then some…just put that into perspective lmfao…a bed is worth my entire college education lol

  2. Sam Jones says:

    2 Chainz smashed after this

  3. Bored2k says:

    She was really tryna get some from 2 chains. ????

  4. Brannon Huron says:

    Hair Weave Killa

  5. richie renaud says:

    I’ll take the ikea version of that topper piece and still have money to eat their Swedish meatballs in my 600$ bed

  6. Anthony says:

    i feel like the editing isn’t as good as the series on GQ

  7. Jasmine Tiana says:

    The visuals are so cool

  8. Danielle L. says:

    ?? ayee

  9. Cam Hendrix says:


  10. Queavo Gold says:

    ?she nice

  11. Danielle Hardin says:

    I honestly could not imagine anyone better to host this show.. bit even kidding..150k!!! for a bed. I can afford that!

  12. Litt4LyfeTv says:

    So this bed is made outta weave ???? yu got to be shyttin me
    Not only kan women use it for hair now everybody kan use it to sleep on
    I mean really tho ??

    • Deshawn Real says:

      Lmao….. I was just bout to say that

    • Iyonna Jones says:

      Litt4LyfeTv well in essence she said the idea was around 165 yrs so maybe the factory workers that made them was laughing and joking seperatin the hair and found some that would look cute on them… And thus!! The weave was born!! Lmao????????

  13. Sok says:

    Can’t wait to watch this when I am high.

  14. Julian Torres says:

    If I’m paying $150k that jamaican better come with that bed??

  15. badbizza1 says:

    She really shooting her shot

  16. name please says:

    College + law school + student loan company usury = horse hair bed.

  17. Jay Bee says:

    Couldnt you just buy a bunch of cheap weaves and have a horse hair bed?

  18. zethadon says:

    Whoever animates these episodes needs some type of reward

  19. Luke Towers says:

    #1 on trending and 40k views ???

  20. Justin Garrett says:

    2 chainz the type of guy to sleep with his jewelry and sunglasses on

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