Mac Miller – 100 Grandkids (Official Video)

Mac Miller – 100 Grandkids (Official Video)

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20 Responses

  1. Aaron Toth says:

    repping the burgh heavy with some next level shit!!!

  2. Ruben Steez says:

    honestly this song is dope! 

  3. Dan VS says:

    +Dustyroflman go back to CoD you faggot

  4. UnovaTrainer1 says:

    This man has come a long fuckin way and the fact that he’s using his talent
    to get other up and coming artist out there is amazing in itself good shit 

  5. Marlon TCalder says:

    So no one is gonna make mention of how this track is so reminiscent of an
    Eminem type mainstream hit? So refreshing. Mac is back

  6. Emily Robles says:

    digging his new look 

  7. ben blanco says:

    Who tf Dislike? 

  8. PewPieDie says:

    Best white rappers

  9. DJ PEKAS says:

    B HOUSE!!!

  10. MrJellyJamz says:

    The kids back and better then ever!

  11. D ∆ V I D says:


  12. Dean Clark says:

    Not really sure what to think, to be honest. 

  13. Pedro Rvra says:

    +Dan VS i mean he haven’t upload anything after faces a year ago, and sorry
    for my grammar

  14. Aidan Turley says:

    Hell yeah!

  15. SX VB says:

    That beat switch up is dope as hell

  16. Boris Nenkov says:


  17. TheTruthHurts says:

    I fucking hate when people in the comment sections compare artists like it
    matters. Shut the fuck up they all have different sounds. Mac miller and
    Eminem are completely different artists but just cuz they’re white u
    motherfuckers gotta compare them like its a competition jeez…

  18. Paulina Bringas says:


  19. Kendrick Kronthal says:

    If the rest of his new album is as good as this song, I’ll be really happy

  20. ZombieGrimReaper47 says:

    Got this shit on replay since it came out