Machine Gun Kelly – At My Best ft. Hailee Steinfeld

Machine Gun Kelly – At My Best ft. Hailee Steinfeld

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Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing At My Best. (C) 2017 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

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20 Responses

  1. Banana Studios says:

    didn’t even need notifications I’m on YouTube 24/7

  2. Srthak says:

    Raise hands who all are before 1M ???

    Don’t fucking sit on YouTube all day !!!
    ( sorry if you are not the ones)

  3. SourSkittles 456 says:

    He’s one of the best rappers of today there’s none of that mumble bullshit

  4. Ryan Mackenzie says:

    This sounds so different from his old stuff, but I’m liking the new MGK

  5. King Digit says:

    Mgk inspires me and that’s probably why I sound like him. I have a few songs like that especially my 24 bars remix! I’m just a kid trying to reach his dreams so I promise you wont regret listening to my music! Thank you if you gave me a chance whether good or bad 🙂

  6. Al Taylor says:

    if you’re here before 1M views you are a true fan of MGK…

  7. Mario Junior says:

    hailee’s voice looks like rihanna’s voice but no problem.her voice pretty?

  8. Shayz X says:

    Thumbs up if you’ve been waiting for this for so long! ?

  9. panda Cool says:

    Primer comentario en español

  10. Roshaan Iqbal says:

    before 1 million squad where u at??

  11. Alain Bruno says:

    Machine Gun Kelly is too cool for Hollywood???

  12. Nafis Khan says:

    am I only one who thinks she looks like kendall jenner

  13. Boomer Banana says:

    Am I the only one who liked before watching ???

  14. K. Alansari says:

    Yesss, I miss this kind of music ?❤

  15. PitchSWin Production says:

    Hello everyone I am beatmaker and I make many instrumental artists of many different kind! Go see my channel and if you like subscribe to support me !

  16. r u sirius says:


  17. yash verma says:

    he is my favourite ?

  18. Alan Max Dias says:

    Wow, her voice is so beautiful. so cute ❤️???

  19. MGKVEV0 says:

    ✅ ? ? ? *We are now at 1,685,138 FAMILY thank you giving out free gifts*

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