Mad Lib Theater with Tom Cruise (Mission: Impossible Edition)

Mad Lib Theater with Tom Cruise (Mission: Impossible Edition)

Jimmy and Tom Cruise act out a dramatic spy movie scene they’ve written together using Mad Lib words.

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Mad Lib Theater with Tom Cruise (Mission: Impossible Edition)

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65 Responses

  1. Saurav Verma says:

    My God Tom Cruise in Mad Lib😂😂👍

  2. Steve ABOVE AVERAGE Trevor says:

    Can’t wait to watch the new mission impossible!

    Aside from his scientology business, love his acting!


      Steve ABOVE AVERAGE Trevor same, I don’t like that “religion” and how it treats its followers, but I respect him for his talent in acting, extraordinary

    • Renny Capede says:

      🔴 *Mission Impossible Fallout film 2018* #now available [ ]

      A combination of thrilling stunts, insane daring and clever writing make this a stunning piece of action cinema.
      Just be sure to take your heart meds first, and hold on tight.

    • tom schmitz says:

      NO, HE HAS NOT! just recently while making both “american made” and this latest mission impossible movie, he was seen visiting cultie buildings…

    • tom schmitz says:

      he doesn’t WANT to live in the real world.. too much work, too hard, too REAL.. much better to keep on playing make believe doing film after film after film after film after film back to back where he can play make believe, get paid well and have his butt kissed on a film set, and when not on a film set, butt kissed by his abusive destructive scam cult…

    • tom schmitz says:

      as long as you are comfortable (AND YOU SHOULD NOT BE!) KNOWING THAT WHEN YOU PAY TO SEE HIS MOVIES, you are literally contributing to his abusive scam destructive cult and figuratively slapping the faces of all it has and continues to abuse, meanwhile since your not in his cult, he sees you and all of us as lesser then him, “degraded beings” WOGS! so he takes your money AND laughs at you! still want to support this public face of a evil cult and dead beat father who hasn’t seen his own daughter in nearly 5 years??

  3. HannaannaH 1998 says:

    “Come here, darling” i wish me & spiders have that kind of relationship but nah

  4. J Connor says:

    this is random but Jimmy should do Mad Lib theater with Jim Parsons!!

  5. Lew Harper says:

    It made me so happy that Cruise didn’t know poopidy scoop were lyrics.

  6. RisingAssassin says:

    Tom Cruise deadass looks half his age. That’s incredible!

    • Tiki80 says:

      RisingAssassin Im pretty sure he has had face lift. . But he looks good tho

    • David L. says:

      And make up. And the best diet and training money can pay. Anyway it is surreal. His hair is better that mine when I was 20. And he has always been ripped. Even at 56 I’m sure his abs are more visible than mine.

  7. Joe Jones says:

    Lil cookie sounds like a damn rappers name.

  8. Miguel Maravilla says:

    I didnt know Tom Cruise was 56 wtf 💀💀💀

  9. Maryam Dramé says:

    Honestly I just love Tom Cruise… he’s so charismatic despite the whole Scientology thing

  10. Charles Goss says:

    “Verb ending in ‘ing…” “Running…” And I can die happy. I can’t explain why that brought me joy. But that is the most Tom Cruise answer to a question ever!

  11. outlawrickenbacker says:


  12. eeehmm what says:

    Who cares about this scientology shit? He‘s my favourite actor and very cool

  13. The Heathen says:


  14. Ashley Cole says:

    You know life sucks when Tom Cruise looks better at 56 than you do at 17…

  15. Craig Bowling says:

    This will be on trending

  16. SkywardPrimeGalaxy says:

    Hahaha, of course Tom would pick “running.”

  17. videoschmo says:

    4:40 Please let this be the plot for Mission Impossible 7

  18. Josiah Won says:

    Tom Cruise has aged phenomenally well

  19. MzDVapes says:

    This made my day so funny Tom trying to keep a straight face and those answers lol and the Running one… so cruise haha 😂😂😂 Good Job Jimmy 😂😂😂

  20. Julian Pagano says:

    “Team of highly humongous lemmings” that broke me 😂😂

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