Madonna – Ghosttown

Madonna – Ghosttown

REBEL HEART album featuring “Living For Love,” “Ghosttown,” & “Devil Pray” out now.
”Rebel Heart could be Madge’s best album since 1998’s Ray of Light.” – People Magazine
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20 Responses

  1. Adalberto Rodriguez says:

    This is the most beautiful and well made Madonna video in years… The
    photography, the costumes, ambience, it is all perfect! The video is truly
    enchanting and it reflects the whole song meaning. She does not have to
    dance like crazy all the time, she can also tell a good story. Well done
    Madonna, that’s why we love you so much!

  2. nicole bonassi says:

    Madonna ‘s funny , tidy hair, skin and wrinkles but fix the crater in the
    middle of the teeth is good … nothing . Love you queen !!


  3. Raphael Galati says:

    How large can be Universe, how great can be Madonna?

  4. Jalal Maher says:

    +crayy what a stupid fuck face ! It is not about proving , it is about
    failing .. I want her to be successful u idiot.. That is why I am saying
    she ruined this album sales with her stupid arrogant talentless change of
    the best three songs on the album ..Rebel..Grafiti ..Wash All Over Me ..
    While releasing an ugly single like Living for Love which didnt serve the
    album good..

  5. Martin Zapata says:

    She looks likes Shakira lol

  6. RM L says:

    Not so bad,I like the song and video.Just remember,everything you see and
    hear today from every female singer out there has all been done before.It’s
    Madonna who has been copied.Everything you see today from Brittany Spears
    to Rihanna to Gaga has already been done.It was done 30 years ago by
    Madonna in the 80’s,The Late and very beautiful Donna Summer in the 70’s
    and Diana Ross in the 60’s,70’s and 80’s.And I’m sorry to say,they all did
    it better.The way Madonna has aged,so will Brittany and all the rest.20
    years from now,people will be saying about them what everyone is saying
    about Madonna today.

  7. Anne Prado says:

    Amazing, so perfect… ❤️

  8. Anderson Duran says:


  9. higher30 says:

    amazing .. just like the song , M 

  10. Wanderson Farias says:

    OMG this video is so perfect!!! It is so sad to imagine that we will NEVER
    have an artist like her anymore… she’s so genius, so perfect, so
    revolutionary and transgressive.. so talented and unique.. Omg I LOVE
    Madonna so much.. She changed my life and i will be eternally grateful for
    that.. is very sad to see all the hate that some people have about her…
    theres NO REASON to hate her, just to LOVE her… let’s enjoy this
    wonderful and incredible woman while she and us are alive… GOD SAVE THE

  11. Jesus Christ says:

    My Madonna is back :)

  12. Alek Wolf says:

    Madonna Feat. The Walking Dead – Ghosttown

  13. Gary Asajar says:

    the best Madonna song ever!

  14. 2112mary says:

    This video is so amazing. I lost count how many times I’ve watched it.

  15. Jaqueline grimxs says:


  16. kikynMx says:

    Un hermoso vídeo. 

  17. Hakobo Morá says:

    Seis antagonistas (re)integran a
    ” #Ghosttown ”
    que, decididamente, percibe el habitante solitario; …

  18. Ricardo Durán says:


  19. IVONNE IVONE says:

    I lovee madonna #ICON #livinglegend #agedontmatter #rebelheart respect her

  20. Christopher Sierra says:

    ghosttown rocks