Magic Door Prank

Magic Door Prank

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Produced by Michael Rodriguez Dueñas x Light Regions

Instagram – @lightregions

Directed by Ryan Correll

Music used by –

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19 Responses

  1. Krogsager says:

    hehe that’s pretty clever :b

  2. footforme says:

    more of this!!!

  3. cristian ramirez says:

    This reminds me of the show Being Human.

  4. HoIVIyachok says:

    The Dark tower :D

  5. Aiden McLean says:

    I love knowing the secret! :)

  6. WOLKENSCHWElF says:

    Quite a hilarious video!

  7. RheniumGateWizard says:

    Awesome prank!

  8. Josh Garibay says:

    Looks like they’re acting.

  9. Lemon Pegasus says:

    I’d love it if someone called the C.I.A and a massive group of scientists
    came along and seized the door!

  10. 5tevef says:


  11. Equiliquid says:

    Does anybody know the song at the very beginning ? Gave me some good summer
    vibes :)

  12. hakleach says:

    this was one of those that i could see how it worked, before explained

  13. RoboTekno says:

    Could you reveal how you do the trick at the end of the video? I like to
    guess how the trick is done before seeing it reveled. Although I appreciate
    you showing how the trick is done regardless :-)

  14. Caio Vale says:

    “Some kind of black hole. My wife was talking about.”

  15. Марио Петров says:

    its cool with explanation :)

  16. Product933 says:

    The women in this video can definitely get fucked on

  17. Zanxx Yami says:

    it’s kind of awesome that u tell us how the prank works but i think it
    would be better if u tell us in the end of the video so have to time to
    think how it could work :D

  18. HiroShi MA says:

    Finally something good! it’s been a while! Good job.

  19. MrGalaxy says:

    I love the reactions, And thanks for telling us how you pulled it off :D