Magic For Humans | Justin Willman Makes This Guy Think He’s Invisible | Netflix

Magic For Humans | Justin Willman Makes This Guy Think He’s Invisible | Netflix

“When I was a kid I put a tooth under my pillow, went to sleep, and in the morning there was money there. That tangible evidence was more than enough proof to make me believe in the tooth fairy. To find out how far I could take that premise, I set up a large flash-mob style social experiment all to convince one guy he had turned invisible.” – Justin Willman. Magic For Humans is now streaming on Netflix.

Watch Magic For Humans on Netflix:

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Magic for Humans | Justin Willman Makes This Guy Think He’s Invisible | Netflix

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84 Responses

  1. Josslyn Hanson says:

    This was my favorite part lol I was dying

  2. The Journey with Nick and Nate says:

    Hahaha this looks so cool!:) it’s all about perspective if you ask me!;)

  3. Tentitus says:

    Definitely not fake.

  4. SupaPixelGirl says:

    This show is so cool

  5. WhyCry says:

    Is this a show for 3 y olds?

  6. Jay Sandoval says:

    Wow , awesome prank ! .. finally something different

  7. Yohji Yamahomo says:

    can you imagine if he started getting naked or feeling up on people? ahaha

  8. Awesome Sagar Sharma says:

    How he vanish the first one

    • Zac Garza says:

      Awesome Sagar Sharma y’all are idiots lol if they just edited him out then the dude would of known it was fake 😂😂 it’s just a magic trick

    • Slay TTT says:

      +Zac Garza lol calling other people idiots when you don’t realize the whole thing is staged

    • therainman777 says:

      Zac Garza lmao you look dumb as hell now. Calling other people stupid when you’re the only one who was dumb enough to not understand that ALL of it was faked, including the black guy and the red headed guy- they’re actors dummy

    • photomorti says:

      yeah but how did the other guy on the chair not see him like running away?

    • photomorti says:

      so yeah its gotta be staged

  9. bernard purnomo says:

    How people say this cool when its totally staged?
    The vanished guys followed around by the camera anywhere they go. If its real, they would notice the camera. Its entertaining to people who dont realize it ofc

  10. rollercoaster24 says:

    The staging is so bad it’s cringy.

  11. MrSugardove says:

    i think they really tricking us watching on YouTube

  12. Fast_hands_Dan says:

    The white dude’s reaction compared to the black dude’s reaction lol.

  13. Muneeb Gaming says:

    This was soo fake i wish they just actually did it the prank for real

    • Ben.A.M vlogs says:

      No they have like special cams in bags with holes and have moniters that are probobly phones for disguise

    • Muneeb Gaming says:

      +Ben.A.M vlogs this was clearly fake the acting was awful and unrealistic. The “invisible ” people didn’t even try to touch anyone or catch anyone’s attention properly, they just walked around like clueless people.

    • RT LW says:

      of course they go all out with it all. they arent tricking people off the street. those are all actors the real victim is the viewer sitting at home

    • Muneeb Gaming says:

      +RT LW I’m talking about the victims. They are clearly acting. Please don’t tell me you think it’s real.

    • TREMENDOUS! says:

      The acting of the victims is terrible lol!

  14. jimmyjames77 says:

    I refuse to believe that either they didn’t try this on 100 people, and it worked on 2, or all of this is completely staged.

  15. Marcos Urena says:

    Saw this video on Instagram, had to look it up :/

  16. DevinFlores Musix says:

    Funny I would have noticed if the camera was following me

  17. Playbackgame says:

    Who else is here because of Instagram?????

  18. keebslol says:

    The irony is the only people being fooled are the ones watching the video and not in it.

  19. Hyena says:

    C’mon netflix. This is some garabage you’d see on TruTV.

  20. Kno Xx says:

    Its all fun and games, then you realize mike’s not coming back

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