Making American Food in a Place That is NOT America

Making American Food in a Place That is NOT America


I am in the UK now, so I decided to make the most American food possible to feel more at home. Subscribe for more amazing American meals.

I am LIVE on​​
I say dumb things​​

Have an awesome day!

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33 Responses

  1. Dacept says:

    Best chef out there. Change my mind.

    • Cliffjumper CC says:

      He has not practiced Food Saftey and I can guarantee that people in that house/Apparment will now get food poisoning, E-cool, and some other diseases. Over all he knows how to cook but not safely he is still a noob, little green, Girl Scout , or anything that means inexperienced.

    • Master xps says:

      Bring me audience my channel name is master xps

    • yo says:

      Bring audience to channel name is master xps

    • Random Person says:

      Hello Dacept, I will not change you mind. I will agree with you

  2. TapL says:

    Wow Ranboo you are good at being a YouTooz and a chef and being a YouTooz

  3. Cove says:

    Why is no one talking about when he literally SHOT THE CHEESE WITH A GUN??? I guess if it makes it more American 🤷‍♀️

  4. AshAttack 16 says:

    Y’all Gordon Ramsay could NEVER win against this guy

  5. JustAmberish says:

    “I’m so happy I’m not eating this. OH TUBBOO”
    *top 10 moments before disaster*

  6. Genesis says:

    I like how he’s barely shorter than the ceiling.

  7. Itsclaraspace says:

    The title should be: rationing American food for 14 minutes straight

  8. 🖤꧁@Søũl_Jūįčė.chr꧂❤️ says:

    Everyone : **talk about the food**

    Me : *where is the crown*

  9. _Kira_ says:

    “I am dressed like someone in their mid 50’s who has completely given up on life….exept MY shirt has corgis on it.”
    Ah yes, so dressed like Quackity /j

  10. Julia Red says:

    “were just gonna leave it up to God like uh most things in America these days” LMAO

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