making and eating korean fire noodles

making and eating korean fire noodles


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66 Responses

  1. SlowpokeSarah says:

    Hey the Samyang brand (which is the popular one for the challenge) is actually vegan & rlly rlly good lol

    • V. Y. says:

      @Tayla Potayta MSG is not gluten. That statement is simply not true.

    • Tayla Potayta says:

      V. Y. I just googled it. So I guess glutamate used to be derived from gluten but now it’s made from sugar beets or molasses. My bad, I was told this a while ago.

    • Tayla Potayta says:

      V. Y. Literally just got suggested to take an MSG quiz on Facebook. ? FBI agent can you like chill for a sec

    • psycho bratt says:

      @V. Y. lmao why r u so passive aggressive

    • V. Y. says:

      @psycho bratt pointing out a fact isn’t passive aggressive, and Tayla doesn’t seem offended, either, so…

  2. Jay says:

    I don’t know why, but “Sous Chef Peach, who’s eating off the floor over there” really got to me

  3. Queen Shadow says:

    “I don’t think they should be this hot”

    I mean they are called fire noodles for a reason….

  4. Katty Gonzalez says:

    idk why but noodles always make my mouth water so damn much ??

  5. K F says:

    “if it’s bright red, its probably spicy unless its like an apple”
    me: spicy tamarind apples **smiles in mexican**

  6. Sara A says:

    Aww I’m so happy your and Jenna’s friendship blossomed into something more.

  7. madi nathan says:

    Julien should try to make:

    Mozzarella sticks
    Dill pickle soup
    Deep fried pickles
    Knephla soup
    Deep fried ice cream
    Lava cake


  8. Jenna Ryan says:

    I’m waiting for that Binging with Babbish collab Julie ???

  9. LittleReading says:

    I feel like that if Julien wanted to use more of the paste he could try making Korean Spicy Rice Cakes or Tteokbokki. It’s spicy but so damn good.

    • Niki Horner says:

      Mmmmm tteokbokki on a cold day is my fave. ??❤️I live in the Midwest and finding the rice cake is hard and I have to order it from Amazon cause I’m too lazy to make it myself.

    • fania indaeyo says:

      also try to cook Tteokbokki and Ramen then make Rabokki I LOVE EM

  10. madison jordan says:

    And on this day Jenna became all our girlfriend. Whether guy, gal, both, or nonbinary we all unite to love Jenna our girlfriend ?

  11. karim abi zeid says:

    “Our Girlfriend has arrived” I thought you were only friends?!

  12. Crab Gal says:

    “Our girlfriend”

    Thank u for sharing

  13. missyvettemichelle says:

    You should just have your own seasoning brand called “Aries season” ?

  14. Amanda Rodriguez says:

    Your channel has inspired me to be plant based. I’ve been 8 days strong so far ?

  15. dont says:

    Was I not paying attention enough or did our boy just eat raw cornstarch

  16. TheAidanator says:

    4:08 Julien: ‘there’s no better use for this ramen’

    Also Julien: **makes burger out of ramen**

    Jenna: **makes nails out of ramen**

  17. Piper Zza says:

    Julien: Jenna don’t steal the camera

    Jenna: ???

  18. Anjali Jacob says:

    I think we can safely say that by eating those noodles you did it to yourself Julen??‍♀️

  19. Avtvmn says:


    Wouldn’t the corner be hotter? I mean it is around 90 degrees :>

  20. Jane Lee says:

    Replace one spoon of soysauce with rice wine vinegar. Add one spoon of sugar and a splash of sesame oil. It will taste 10x better!!!!! And it’ll be a smoother sauce.

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