Making Christmas Dinner in a Coffee Maker

Making Christmas Dinner in a Coffee Maker

Can you cook an entire Christmas dinner in a coffee maker? We’re putting more weird things through a coffee maker to see! GMM #1449

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84 Responses

  1. hanaa abdellateef says:

    watching the video before Youtube gives me a notification

  2. animedoggies101 says:

    Happy Holidays everyone! See y’all for season 15! ❤

  3. WrecklessEating says:

    The old hobo special or weird grandma who’s going downhill fast meal special?

  4. JMANTAM says:

    Try making a Coffee maker with a Christmas dinner

  5. Shayna says:

    is it just me, or does link look hotter as he grows older?

  6. Avery Lopez-Baines says:

    What do you call sad coffee?” 


  7. Riya says:

    “Now we are mashing the potatoes”
    *proceeds to use whisk*

  8. HereforRandL says:

    Happy Holidays, everybody!
    See you next year ❤️

  9. Glow er says:

    Who else wants to try to make the foods but doesn’t want to go through the trouble ?

  10. 21 Guitars says:

    this is completely unrelated but Rhett’s hair looks magnificent here

  11. Nintendrew says:

    “Hot Brandy in the morning” sounds like a troubled radio host

  12. homestar52 says:

    Please do an Easy-Bake oven next!

  13. Colby Johnson says:

    I genuinely hope that they reach the St. Jude donation goal.

  14. Jessica Ross says:

    It certainly has been a journey this season and have loved every second of it. What a great way to end it with our guys getting innovative with a coffee machine.
    Happy holidays to all the crew, love your work. Also to all you Mythical Beasts ?

  15. TrunksGav says:

    7:31 because shes gunna die soon – Right Shep?

  16. TrunksGav says:

    I thought they’d put a little but of everything all in one

  17. David Garrison says:

    Why didn’t you use sprite cranberry instead of coke!?

  18. tucci06 says:

    It’s Christmas time.

    Break out the Ham Coke and Beans & Franks Cookies.

  19. Ella Does Animations says:

    Y’all should put like candy bars or candy in coffee makers.

  20. Rapha Conrad says:

    Another incredible season and what an awesome year it has been ? Thank you for sharing your entertainment and inspiring mythical beasts (like me) to be our mythical best! Also thank you for being my part of my life. Being a Mythical Beast for a year has been one heck of a ride. From introducing the wheel of mythicality (jazz hands ?), being on the show this past summer/Vidcon, seeing the Tour of Mythicality in New Jersey, to meeting/creating friendships with fellow mythical beasts…Need I say more!?! Thank you Rhett & Link, Stevie, and the mythical crew for everything. Happy Holidays and let’s go season 15 ?

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