Making my 1980’s Garage Door Smart!

Making my 1980’s Garage Door Smart!

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After getting IMO ripped off by Chamberlain, I decided to take smart-ifying my garage door into my own hands.

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60 Responses

  1. Javik says:

    Anyone else realize this monster still has his CHRISTMAS LIGHTS still hanging up?

  2. lesto12321 says:

    ESP8266 + rele = 2$. Minimal programming required
    ps. you did connect the button and the relay in Parallel.
    Normally Closed and Normally Open

  3. Gerald Stephanus says:

    Linus forgot to kick the thing so his feet absorbs the impact

  4. LukeyPook says:

    “This is just how hard its gonna push on you before it stops”
    That is gold

  5. Kakol says:

    This is like a porno but one of the actors doesn’t know it’s a porno

  6. Caleb Cheng says:

    Good editing

  7. Firedflesh says:

    just a warning you the editor definitely left his licence plate on the honda unblurred

    • Zach Michaelis says:

      can’t do anything with that info anyway it’s exposed every day he drives down the street you don’t cover it up when your driving.

    • Niilo Viheraho says:

      +Zach Michaelis In finland u can use license plate to get name.. home addrees. phone number costs 2euro tp get that info

    • Dallagen says:

      Yeah, in finland. In america there is a law specifically against the release of personal information, and canada is the same way.+Niilo Viheraho

    • danger450 says:

      +Zach Michaelis Down the street = 34 people not caring. On the internet, 450,000,000 people who are curious. Dumbass.

    • danger450 says:

      +Dallagen “Sure” But, you know, Al Gore invented the internet so we could snoop on each other …

  8. Joseph .S says:

    Now make yo mama smart

  9. ArduinoBen says:

    40% off, when I hear things like that I just think of how high their profit margins must be.

    • SaaS Wasser says:

      Every company is doing such shit. They set the list price (in Germany its called UVP (suggested retail price)) as high as they can and then they claim there is a discount.

    • nicky palmersheim says:

      madrinas coffee is some of the most overpriced shit coffee, that offer “subscriptions” with no savings

    • danger450 says:

      It’s a canned “fake coffee” product sold to the dumb masses for how many dollars per can? Holy grossness.

  10. ArduinoBen says:

    8:52 Ihavereddit

  11. Meeping Nav says:

    *Advantage Of Having Kids….* You Could Blame The Kids For Hitting you With A Nerf Dart…When clearly its is a *Hickey* !

  12. AstroByte says:

    How much gigabytes of ram does it have?

  13. Porkchop Sandwiches says:

    Can we get a Madrinas coffee filled water cooled PC plz…

  14. Porkchop Sandwiches says:

    Linus “reach in my back pocket”
    Jake “why is it so tight… I’ve had enough”
    Linus “you have had enough when I tell you have had enough”

  15. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    NC = Normally Closed
    NO = Normally Open

    Thank me later Linus

  16. Allan Odiadi says:

    The sexual tension between Linus and Luke was astronomical in this video

  17. Richard Shaw says:

    Yes, that GTA “Dropped” mode for every video from now on.

  18. Jaapieh says:

    You could have bought a Sonoff switch. Those are like $3,50 and work just as well and are on the same platform (ewelink)

  19. Juliâ I МАSTURBÃТЕ WАTСН VIDЕ0 says:

    ?☝️Home made????☝️

  20. Juliâ I МАSTURBÃТЕ WАTСН VIDЕ0 says:

    ?☝️I hear things like that I just think of how high their profit margins must be?☝️

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