Making Today a Perfect Day (From “Frozen Fever”) (Audio)

Making Today a Perfect Day (From “Frozen Fever”) (Audio)

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20 Responses

  1. Queen Elsa Of Arendelle says:

    Making Today a Perfect Day

  2. Ang3linahJ says:

    i have a cold right now…

  3. Elsa Frozen ™ says:


  4. Yash Yamashita says:


  5. PinkCupcakeszz says:

    Who else screamed when Kristoff said “I LOVE YOU BABY” just imagine the
    look on Anna’s face ^_^ 

  6. Naiane Water says:

    +Anthony Olivo​, +Edwin Onofre​ did you listen this? It’s perfect! / MÚSICA
    DO FF (to intima já) QUE PERFEICÃO! 

  7. Princess Anna says:


  8. Disney Official says:

    In the words of Constable-Frozen:

  9. Elric King says:

    Yes I’m so happy for frozen fever is going to be amazing I can’t wait to
    see it . It’s going to be such a blast!!

  10. Elizabeth Madison says:

    This is adorable. ^-^ If I could, I’d watch this without having to see
    Cinderella. :P

  11. Edwin Onofre says:

    It’s such a beautiful song……
    “The cold never bothered me anyway.”

  12. XAngie GRojband :D says:


  13. BoldlyTheyRode says:

    Fuck I keep opening this and then pausing it. Want to listen so bad but I
    don’t wanna spoil the short :'(

  14. Carrie Teardrop says:

    +Rapunzel crei que era la unica que hania dado cuenta de ese detalle. Me
    muero por escuchar la cancion en español con la voz de Carmen Sarahi y
    Romina Marroquín.

  15. Tasha W says:

    This has the same beat as life’s to short from the outtake songs

  16. Dream Queen says:

    So the short will almost ‘just’ be a song

  17. #Cute_83 says:

    Its like life too short

  18. Gilberto Brenis says:

    Nueva canción de #Frozen: ‘Making Today a Perfect Day’.

  19. Annie32011 says:

    Is it just me or does this song kinda sounds like Life’s too short?

  20. Angie Lawliet says:

    I am sure they pretended to remake Life’s too short. I’m sure. I love the
    whole song^^ A Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway♥