Malala Yousafzai & Stephen Do Card Tricks

Malala Yousafzai & Stephen Do Card Tricks

When she’s not winning Nobel Peace Prizes, Malala Yousafzai performs amazing card tricks. Presented by New York Life

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20 Responses

  1. gotf says:

    My queen!!!

  2. Dragon says:

    what in the world……. how is he…… how is he.. able to bring in epic
    guests…… wow…. props to the staff of this show…

  3. Glenn Marshall says:

    I really liked this interview, Stephen did a great job, it was so great to
    see this girl smile and laugh after being through so much. Malala is cute

  4. namordecai says:

    Oh, she’s cool!

  5. kingda117 says:

    I hope the authorities keep Malala safe from Islamic fundamentalists who
    might behead her for practicing “sorcery”.

  6. Orchid1933 says:

    No one would give a fuck about this girl if she were a victim of a US drone
    attack. The same people fawning over Malala would call her American killer
    a war hero and shrug off her death as shit happens at war. I wonder how
    Pakistanis feel about her Western popularity though. I mean, if I were
    Pakistani I think I would feel a certain way seeing her shucking and jiving
    on American TV, y’know…the country that’s been droning our asses since

  7. NotHow ButWhy says:

    The Comments
    40% = How the trick is done
    40% = Positive feedback
    15% = Comparisons between other late shows
    3% = Random bleh
    2% = Negative garbage

  8. Zahid Sarfraz says:

    When he shows the card…he bend the card…so there is mark or symbol to
    check that… others are flat….not any wedge….so in all card she
    easily recognize that card….

  9. shazlfc ronaldo says:

    She is an inspiration to Pakistan and the whole world God bless her how can
    anyone hate this 36taliban haters gave this a thumbs down fuck you

  10. gigglywinks says:

    What a special girl, with such an innocent beautiful heart <3

  11. Google stop it says:

    Oh my god I love her so much. Can she be my sister?

  12. Daisy Mackey says:

    Is there anything Malala isn’t good at?!

  13. Mudita Y. says:

    I wanna learn that trick!!!!!!

  14. Jared Markowitz says:

    as an actual magician, i must say: way to go, Malala! good trick

  15. Matt Vermeulen says:

    Im gonna go ahead and assume that the 39 dislikes (at this time) were all

  16. Maria Sharp says:

    Not only is she one of the most courageous people living, she also has an
    adorable personality. She’s awesome!

  17. albjoe123 says:

    I think i just fell in love. what a wonderful person

  18. Kyle a says:

    Now they’ll try to kill her for witchcraft!!

  19. julio hernandez says:

    instead of the kylie jenner challenge there should be a malala challenge

  20. tim pule says:

    she’s so kind and funny. we need more soul like her.