Man in Cave

Man in Cave

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Man in cave. Trapped.



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31 Responses

  1. Wendigoon says:

    I’m still not sure if trapping me in an actual cave for 72 hours was necessary to record my lines, but it certainly got results. We should probably go check on the editors though, even if “they don’t deserve food” I don’t think sealing them in was appropriate.

  2. Jonathan Price says:

    I’m in awe of the moral integrity on Miller. He goes there for a scoop but ends up risking his own safety time and again for a man he barely knows. Even when Floyd passed going so far as to decline that million dollar contract to stay humble. He deserved more than just a Pulitzer.

  3. Cha$m says:

    I was legit yelling when you spoke about the tourists driving there and forming around the cave, im sure that was another part of why the cave collapse. This was so fucking captivating, the anger of peoples stupidity, hope, optimism, fear, anxiety and eventually melancholic sadness. I unironically almost cried watching this a and i dont fully understand why

  4. Blondemaverick says:

    This gave me flashbacks. Heard this story as a kid, back when I was really keen on being a spelunker. Let’s just say this and the movie The Decent basically weened me off the succour of that dream. In college, I tried to rekindle my love of caves, ended up getting soft-stuck, got assisted by another caver… I suppose it’s just not for me. I admire anyone brave enough to peril the depths.

    • Erik Carrillo says:

      @qaiser Fair enough you have a point Floyd definitely was experienced enough to know the risk. He wasnt just some thrill seeker. That being said id still hazard to call it “brave” there’s difference between someone taking risks in life and someone actually risking their life doing something like cave diving. I cant think of a good word for it.

    • Cartoon Nerd says:

      Look up the Nutty Putty Caves’ John Jones. I’ve never been interested in spelunking but that case made never even wanna go near a cave a gain.

    • qaiser says:

      @Erik Carrillo I feel like it’s only foolish if you don’t understand the danger, I don’t ever see people doing risky things as dumb if they know what they’re getting into. (Unless you’re risking other peoples safety)

    • Erik Carrillo says:

      Is “brave” really the right word for it. Is jumping in front of a charging bull “brave” or foolish? I guess it all depends on the person witnessing shit go down. IMO anyone squeezing through a passage barely big enough to breathe is a fool

  5. Jozinek says:

    Incredible story. I’m glad that Floyd is finally at rest and also that his corpse is no longer being exploited.

  6. Starcat says:

    Internet Historian is going to put national geographic out of business with these types of amazing videos.

    • Justin Kashtock says:

      @CircumcisionIsChildAbuse “What unites people? Armies? Gold? Flags? Stories. There’s nothing in the world more powerful than a good story. Nothing can stop it. No enemy can defeat it. And who has a better story… than The Internet Historian?”
      okay I’ll stop xD

    • Justin Kashtock says:

      He’s practically The History Channel, but before, you know, they stopped airing anything about history.

  7. Wasatch Wind says:

    I think that this story sadly, offers a cautionary tale. When going into dangerous situations – a cave, hiking alone in the wilderness, etc – always make sure people know where you are, and preferably have others with you.

    The people in this story had different standards for their time so we shouldn’t judge them too harshly – but in the modern day we need to know when not to tempt fate and go further than is safe.

  8. Jakeeenator says:

    This was an incredibly well made video. I would have paid to see this and I shall (the video not Floyd after the fact). You have given me years of entertainment. So thank you. Also RIP Floyd.

  9. TheCanadianDane says:

    I got so invested that the suspense had me gritting my teeth when they finally broke into the cave with that chisel. These videos are as thick and viscous with care and effort as asphalt, and I’ll be damned if I don’t wander in and get stuck every time

  10. Thomas Campbell says:

    That first line “… demands a sacrifice” sets such an ominous tone. So well done, what a story

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