Man on a scooter plunges into sinkhole

Man on a scooter plunges into sinkhole

A motorcyclist escaped with only minor injuries after riding into a sinkhole in China.  The footage, taken last week, shows the man looking at his phone shortly before crashing into the gaping crater in the road. CCTV captured the moment the street collapses before the unwitting  motorcyclist drops into the hole head- first. 
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20 Responses

  1. 20alphabet says:

    Gotta be China, since the onlooker showed no sense of urgency to help.

  2. maxmustafaful says:

    Lol if this was the west he would have had a big payday

  3. red panda m8 hi says:

    I just don’t understand how he didn’t see the hole in the ground

  4. joey says:

    Nobody will mention that the camera is literally focused in the sink hole wating to happen?

  5. BelligerentTruth says:

    He didn’t drop into the hole “head- first” you lying sacks of shit. I am so sick of the media.

  6. Hail Arriola says:

    How he fell was so funny but that guy didn’t give a DAMN

  7. Shlompski says:

    We r/watchpeopledie now

  8. Joey Healy says:

    That guy nearly had a heart attack running so fast to help the other guy.

  9. Konnigratzer says:

    It’s his fault that hole is like 5x the size of him how did he not see it

  10. Tj C says:

    Well, what have we learned here? Don’t ride scooters.

  11. aquarius says:

    If this was in America the onlooker would jump in to steal the mans phone and wallet

  12. แม่บอกว่าอย่าเกรียน says:

    When she said she’s a virgin?

  13. Korigan cards & coins says:

    That’s how I ride a scooter when I’m drunk !

  14. First Name Last Name says:

    This dude probably saw the sinkhole but was like fuck it, life sucks anyway

  15. Andre AA says:

    I’m in tears, this video is so powerful

  16. HAZZARD says:

    Hey look a giant hole in the road better drive into it….

  17. Dog_Luvr says:

    Wow Chinese people really are insanely self centered

  18. Aiden Ocelot says:

    Man wearing helmet plunges himself into wide hole!

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  19. Zino VGator says:

    Lmao why did he fall in so casually.

  20. Lizzy g says:

    Admit it before clicking you were thinking China???

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