Man risks life to save wild rabbit during SoCal wildfire | ABC7

Man risks life to save wild rabbit during SoCal wildfire | ABC7

A man pulled over on the highway and braved raging flames to rescue a wild rabbit as the Thomas Fire advanced in Ventura county

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57 Responses

  1. Yin Yang says:

    I’m the type of person who hates and can’t watch movies where animals die or are in danger. It’s because animals are more helpless than humans. Glad there are people like this who care enough and see that.

    • mason wang says:

      Kathy Bates so what are we? We’re primates, and primates are part of the animal kingdom. You just made yourself look stupid.

    • mason wang says:

      Yin Yang no, it says “a living organism that feeds on organic matter, typically having specialized sense organs and nervous system and able to respond rapidly to stimuli.”

    • mason wang says:

      Yin Yang millions of innocent men, women, children, and POWs were brutally and mercilessly murdered in the holocaust. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese citizens back in WW2 were raped, stabbed, shot, and killed during that Japanese invasion of China. There was an incident in WW2 where Nazis invaded a small town, killed the men, locked up the women and children in a church, and chucked grenades at them. Of course animals are “more helpless than humans”.

    • mason wang says:

      What’s 40 horses compared to hundreds of millions of humans?

    • Yin Yang says:

      why are people getting mad at this comment? I said animals are more helpless i never said people arent helplessπŸ˜‚ god damn.

  2. 11dsw says:

    So awesome he is !!!!

  3. heather loughman says:

    What a wonderful man! He’s my hero now too. Thank you, whoever you are!!!!!!!!

  4. cali714ish says:

    good man…

  5. JoBisbee says:

    This caring young man refused to be interviewed. My kind of people. ❀️πŸ₯•β€οΈπŸ₯•β€οΈπŸ₯•πŸ₯•

  6. Tippi B says:

    I hope nothing but good things come this person’s way. And the rabbit’s way, too.

    • Vigilante Expressions says:

      some hunter will most likely shoot it and brag about the kill. Sir, he was sitting down nibbling on a carrot .

      Hunter: ” Fuck yea got a kill wooo im the best ever bla bla bla.”

      Rip rabbit.

    • Jose Cortez says:

      Nothing good comes from altruistic acts, just more bad stuff to test you.

  7. Pike Man says:

    Mother Natures cruel ways rectified by ‘a selfless act kindness’ by the very species that one other of its kind probably set the fire in the first place if Mother Nature did not by lightening etc.

    Karma will reward this young man.

  8. Lucy Foster says:

    So sweet. I’m a bunny owner–they are very endearing creatures, glad this kind man was able to save this little fellow.

  9. Gene Vitale says:

    I sent this video to Ellen.

    • monkeybrainsalad says:

      I wonder if she’ll notice how the thumbnail looks like fire is shooting from his ass.

    • Vigilante Expressions says:

      +monkeybrainsalad Yeah because thats so original. Omg hahaha so funny. Not. Ellen followers are dumb as shit. Go read a book you fucking loser

    • Jesus Meza-Garcia says:

      Vigilante Expressions I fucking hate her. She’s not funny and she jumps on the trend bandwagon just to get views on her shitty show.

    • Vigilante Expressions says:

      +Jesus Meza-Garcia Yup raking in that cash from brainwashed zombies. Her show personality is completely different than who dhe really is inside but she’s an entertainer paid by those who work the system to keep people distracted and dumbed down from what really matters. Everything she supports is by design not by her choices and beliefs. Its all picked and planned beforehand.

    • Vigilante Expressions says:

      +Jesus Meza-Garcia No different than the news people reading teleprompters. Same thing pretty much.

  10. SHACA LACA says:

    rabbit is like “MY BABIES”

  11. NedBark says:

    Whoever you are you seem to have a good heart.

  12. 1jiveturkey1 says:

    Beautiful. I hope they both find comfort in these times.

  13. Rene Sonse says:

    How does a wild rabbit come when called even when facing fire?

    • matty noname says:

      Rene Sonse only one way to run, and wild animals in cases like these will go to humans as a last resort. Not everything is staged dude.

    • Empower Politics says:

      It knew he was trying to help it. Animals are far smarter and sensitive than we give them credit for. They can sense intent.

  14. colin958 says:

    Extra easter egg next year for that guy right there

  15. Bummett says:

    What a pussy stopping to save something that will end up being run over tomorrow.. this is why California needs to be cut off of America and pushed into the ocean

  16. Grace V. says:

    is this alex ernst saving his bunny bailey?

  17. Omar A says:

    For Humanity. Thank you.

    • Vigilante Expressions says:

      One rabbit lives while millions are being slaughter and packed together with chemicals and gmo soy for atupid cattle Americans to digest and consume some more. All the grain taken from poor countries to feed you dumb fucks and the poor people get to die. Fucking losers

  18. Stephon Francique says:

    No lie i would have cooked that rabbit in that fire

  19. DiGiTyDarKMaN says:

    All I see in the thumbnail is a man with flames shooting out of his butt.

  20. Eliza h. says:

    THIS IS THE THOMAS FIRE IN VENTURA COUNTY. We here need all you to know that because our fire is currently the worst but the L.A fires have been getting more attention. Over 150 homes and 95,000 acres have been burned. Only 5% containment thus far. And the homes being burned here are normal homes unlike the mansions in L.A who can afford to rebuild. I’m not saying to ignore L.A, but please if you can, also help us here.

    • Ian Cornell says:

      Eliza h. 150 is not even close to the actual number. They haven’t even counted structures in upper Ojai cause the highway is still closed

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